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A particle moves in circle of radius R= 21/22m with const.speed. of 1 m/s. Find magnitude of avge vel.

Also find avge. acceleration in 2 sec

6 years ago


Answers : (2)


avg vel is nothing but displacement/time

in circular motion displacement is 0 when a body completes 1 revolution

therefore the vel is 0


6 years ago

there is some prob in the quesxn

u should specify the time in which v hav 2 tell u the avg. vel

but if it is right


avg. vel=0

6 years ago

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a particle of mass 100gm is made to describe a vertical circle of 1m. its instantaneous speed is 1m/s when the string makes an angle of 30 degree with the vertical. find the tension in the...
mass = 0.1 kg drawing the fbd at that instant,we get the following equation, T-mgcos30=mv 2 /r because this only provides the centripetal force. and here v is the instantaneous speed of the ...
Piyush Behera 9 days ago
A fighter pilot dives his plane towards the ground at 230m/s^2. He pulls out the dive on vertical circle. What is minimum radius og circle so that normal force exerted in the pilot by his...
Oops , sorry I didnt see it was a vertical circle so I didnt take into account the weight of the pilot himself. We have to keep in mind that the pilot will also exert force Mg on the seat...
Manas Shukla one month ago
We have to equal the centripetal acceleration = 3g Since the reaction on the pilot seat = centripetal acceleration for the pilot So R = 1763.33 m
Manas Shukla one month ago
But the answer is given 2700m ???? ?????? ???? ??????????.............................................
Vaibhavi one month ago
sir what is the simplest way to solve laws of motion
@ akshay there are many problemswhich are associated with laws of motion chapter . like pulley poroblem , relative velocity proble , etc … so, which problem u want to explain me as a...
Umakant biswal one month ago
SSorry, but your question is something bewildered. Did U mean by laws of eqn.? if that is then u must knoq that the three newton's laws of eqns. are used to solve the problems related to...
Vikas TU one month ago
what is the mutual conductance........please expain it?
Dear Sreenivas, Mutual conductance is the magnetic flux is created in one coil influenced by the another coil present in magnetic field.
SAI SARDAR 8 months ago
The phenomenone in which an emf is induced in the secondary coil due to the change of magnetic flux in the primary coil
Prabhakar ch 8 months ago
Was coloumbs law first given by Cavan dish. ??????????????!?!!
colombs law was first given by charles augustin de coloumb. cavandish give after the augustin.the colombs law is used now a days in several fields.
N JYOTHEESWAR 9 months ago
Dear Dar Coloumbs law was first proposed by Mr Charles Augustin De Coloumb af
Prabhakar ch 9 months ago
why is entropy increases in universe?what is entropy?
Entropy is constant only in reversible processes which occur in equilibrium. ... But entropy can only remain constant in a reversible isothermal process. So, again, any heat transfer would...
Umakant biswal 27 days ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
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