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a particle is moving in a cirular orbit with a constant tangentialacceleration ,after a certain time t has elapsed afterthe begining of mtion ,the angle between the total acceleration w and the irection along the adius R becomes equal to 45 ,what is the ngular acceleration of the particle


3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Let the tangential acceleration be a and initial ang vel be wi. Now ang vel at time t(w) will vary as w=wi=at. At time t centripetal acceleration is =R(w*w). Tangential acceleration =a. tan inverse of a and R(w*w) should b1 implying that they are equal.

So on solving the equality you should probably get the correct answer

3 years ago

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Two blocks of masses 50 Kg & 30 Kg, lie on two smooth inclined planes of 30° and 60° through a light rope which passes over a smooth pulley at junction of two planes. Calculate common...
can you send the diagram if there is any? the question is a little vague. are the two masses connected?
Neeti 4 months ago
Why in the equation of normal force of bigger block tension of string is included
Can you be a little more specific? the language of your question is not clear. Try posting the question you have a doubt in, or maybe frame your doubt differently?
Neeti 4 months ago
Sorrry i am not able to discuss it .because you post the question is not understandable
OUTPASS 2 months ago
A necklace made of beads is kept on a half of a semicircular surface as shown in the attached image(see the attached image).What will be its velocity when it become horizontal, falling down ...
Hello.U i = - R 2 g .....................that’s the formula which is used in these kind of problems.Lambda represents mass per unit length,R is radius,g is 10 m/s 2 .Upper limit is taken as ...
Amogh Gajare 10 days ago
The charge flowing through a resistor varies with time as Q=2t-8t^2.The total heat produce in the resistor is?
differenciate and get i now p=i 2 R approve if useful in case of any doubt ask in ans box wts the value of R
Nicho priyatham 5 months ago
If Q=2t-8t 2 then i=dq/dt so i=2-16t so at t=0 i=2 since p=i 2 R so p=4R plz approve if usefu n in case of any doubts put in ans box
Nicho priyatham 5 months ago
sorry my comp hanged in the interval 0 Resistance is R itelf The answers are in fractions of R
devajith 5 months ago
what is the doppler effect?
an increase (or decrease) in the frequency of sound, light, or other waves as the source and observer move towards (or away from) each other. The effect causes the sudden change in pitch...
RAKESH CHINDAM 2 months ago
the change in frequency of wave motion due to relative motion between sourcce and listener is called doppler effect.
BOLLU SRINIVAS 3 months ago
the change in frequency of wave motion due to relative motion between sourcce and listener is called doppler effect.
SHANMUKESHWAR 2 months ago
Whether a cyclotron is used to accelerate only positively charged particle or even negatively charged particle also??
we can accelerate negetive charged particle in cyclotron. but we cannot use cyclotron for accelerating electron.
Abhinav 6 months ago
Limitations of Cyclotron * Cyclotron cannot accelerate uncharged particles like neutrons. * Cyclotron cannot accelerate electrons because of its small mass. * It cannot accelerate...
K Keerthirajan 6 months ago
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