a particle is moving in a cirular orbit with a constant tangentialacceleration ,after a certain time t has elapsed afterthe begining of mtion ,the angle between the total acceleration w and the irection along the adius R becomes equal to 45 ,what is the ngular acceleration of the particle


2 years ago


Answers : (1)


Let the tangential acceleration be a and initial ang vel be wi. Now ang vel at time t(w) will vary as w=wi=at. At time t centripetal acceleration is =R(w*w). Tangential acceleration =a. tan inverse of a and R(w*w) should b1 implying that they are equal.

So on solving the equality you should probably get the correct answer

2 years ago

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3 rd option is the answer
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sorry, in second case take 2m everywhere in place of m
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Thanks a lot sir !!
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