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a particle is moving in a cirular orbit with a constant tangentialacceleration ,after a certain time t has elapsed afterthe begining of mtion ,the angle between the total acceleration w and the irection along the adius R becomes equal to 45 ,what is the ngular acceleration of the particle


3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Let the tangential acceleration be a and initial ang vel be wi. Now ang vel at time t(w) will vary as w=wi=at. At time t centripetal acceleration is =R(w*w). Tangential acceleration =a. tan inverse of a and R(w*w) should b1 implying that they are equal.

So on solving the equality you should probably get the correct answer

3 years ago

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Tony Abraham 2 months ago
Is ncert examples important for all the chapters???Plzzzz.....reply fast...
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Sunil Kumar FP 3 months ago
you should solve more example problems given in text books which will be usefull in mains mainly its important in chemistry because there will be some direct questions from that.
Abhishek 3 months ago
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Arun Kumar 9 months ago
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