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A pulley is attatched to one arm of a balance and a string passed around it carries two masses m1 and m2. The pulley is provided with a clamp due to which m1 and m2 do not move.On removing the clamp, m1 and m2 starts moving. Show that the change in counter mass to be made to restore the balance is  (m1-m2)2 / (m1+m2)

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


case 1: when system is no in motion

mass on LHS = mass on RHS = M1 +M2

case 2: when system is in motion

tension(T) in the string connecting two masses M1 & M2 on solving the eqns:

1) M1-T=M1*a (a= accelaration of M1& M2)

2) T-M2 =M2*a
on dividing these eqns

v get: T= 2 (M1*M2)/M1+M2

now tension in string connecting the pulley & balance wud b:
(tension on both the side of the pulley)

mass on for balance RHS = 2T=4*(M1*M2)/M1+M2

now change in mass on RHS = (M1+M2)- 4*(M1*M2)/M1+M2

={(M1-M2)^2}/ M1+M2


7 years ago

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Vikas TU 6 days ago
Question is based on cross product. it is attached.
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dipika kumari Sahoo one month ago
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Vikas TU 7 days ago
sir i cant get the feel in the topic it just like i am doing pls help me
You will have to develop the interest in the subject. Start reading books.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
first you will interest in that topic and concentrate and study you will succesfull
AJITH one year ago
You will have to develop the interest in the subject. Start reading books
pa1 one year ago
Which magazine is best for jee mains aspirants please tell me. Thank you in advance
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H AGGARWAL 9 months ago
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