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				   max height of projectile on inclined plane?

7 years ago


Answers : (1)




Consider an inclined palne which makes an  with the horizontal. Let a projectile be projected with a velocity 'v' making an angle  with the horizontal.


 Let us choose X axis along the inclined plane and Y-axis perpendicular to it.


gcos and gsin are the two rectangular components of g.




vx= v cos(-) and vy = v sin(-).


Let T = time of flight of the projectile


The displacement of the projectile perpendicular to the inclined plane is clearly Zero.


Using S = ut + (1/2) a t2, for motion along y-axis, we get


0 = v sin(-) T -(1/2) g cos T2


or T = 2 v sin(-)/g cos  


Range on the inclined plane is


R = 2v2 sin(-) cos/g cos2  


Rmax= v2/g (1+sin)


                  Hmax= v2sin2(-)/2g cos

7 years ago

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