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1448_25017_untitled.JPGA uniform ladder of mass 10 kg leans against a smooth vertical wall making an angle 53 with it. the other end rests on a floor. Find the normal force and frictional force that the floor exerts on the ladder.


Torque about B is taken as


Please explain the concept behind the above equation.

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


calculate  all the forces acting on center of mass of rod & net torque about center of mass

put both of these equal to zero (because there is neither translational nor rotational motion )and

then u will have 2 equations and two variables..

solve these equations and get the ans...


5 years ago

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a ball is dropped on the ground from a height 10cm .if coifficient of restitution is 0.4, then find the height to which ball is rebound ?
Final velocity would be, v = root( 0 + 2g*10/100) = > root(2) m/s. From coeff. of restitution, v’ = ev = > 0.4*v Now let h be the height it rebounced then, 0^2 = (0.4v)^2 – 2gh h =...
Vikas TU 8 days ago
What is integral ds/dt????????????????????????????????????!!?
the velocity is very nearly equal to the distance s divided by the time t--i.e., s/t. The exact velocity v would be the limit of s/t as t gets closer and closer to zero or, as we say,...
James Joseph 3 days ago
3 rd law of motion action and reaction both force are equal and in opposite direction. when we exert force on table with force F1 then car also exert force F2 on our hand and it is in...
@ radheshyam action reaction pairs act on different bodies, so they do not cancel out.. their magnitudes are equal and directions are opposite.. force by table acts on you, applied force by ...
Umakant biswal 2 months ago
Every object has its own capacity to resist forces when we apply foce greater than the opposing capacity of any object then our unbalanced force causes motion, actually with our force we...
Ajay Choudhury 2 months ago
A tunnel is drilled from surface of earth to its center the radius of earth is R and G is the acceleration due to gravity on its sirface A body of mass m is dropped into tunnelcif M is the...
The body dropped would perform SHM that is simple ahrmonic motion. Force inside the sphere = G(4*pi*r*p*m)/3 where p is M3R^3/4pi putt all the forces F =kr. w = root(k/m) put k value and...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
if 2Ω and 1Ω are the internal resistances of cells ,then the terminal voltage across 2 nd cell of 5V emf is ____
Apply Kvl kn the circuit, 10 + 5 – i – 2i = 0 3i = 15 i = 5 A terminal voltage across 5V is: => 5 – 5*1 = 0 v
Vikas TU 2 months ago
A youngs double slit experiment is conducted with slit seperation 10mm, where the screen is 2m away from the slits,if wavelength of light is used 6000A^0 if the wavelength is increased...
Frimge width is given as: B = kD/d where k is the wavelength. Now given, B = 6000*2*10^-10/10. Again apply formulae in water but the new wavelength would become: k = 6000*(4/3)/1000
Vikas TU one month ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
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