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the angle of proj, when the range is equal to the distance through which the projectile would have fallen through in order to acquire the same velocity of projection is(ans-15 deg and 75 deg

6 years ago


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6 years ago

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If 4sec be the time in which a projectile reaches a point P of its path and 5 sec the time from P till it reasches the horizontal plane passing through the point of projection . The height...
no this answer is not correct you have made a mistake yhe answer of this question is 98 plz check again then send the right answer...
Hansraj Gyanendra Singh Rajawat 3 months ago
v=u+at as v=u+at we can abe to find v as u=zeo and h=vsquare /2g from it we can find h v=36 and t in that particular projectile is 4 sec so h=1296/18 h=72
bharath 3 months ago
Please solve the attached questions with steps. Thanks in advance. Can you please guide me how to solve projectile motion problems and circular motion problem accurately
First of all the answer to the above question is option d and not option c as stated by komali. -.-‘ Now, For projectile motion problems Always resolve motion in two directions , x and y...
Manas Shukla 8 days ago
the answer is 50m/s and it is surely correct no need to worry about it and proceed please and steps are as follows
komali 9 days ago
mathematicallly what is the recoil velocity of a gun.derive it plz
@ yusuf below i am explaining the recoil velocity of the gun derivation , suppose m1 is the mass of the bullet m2 = mass of the gun . v1 = velocity of the bullet v2 = velocity of recoil of...
Umakant biswal 4 days ago
In the isothermal expansion of 10g of gas from volume V to 2V the work done by the gas is 575J. What is the root mean square speed of the molecules of the gas at that temperature ?
In isothermal expansion work done is given as: W = nRTln(Vf/Vi) = nRTln(2v/v) = nRTln2 575 = nRTln2 T = 575/nRln2......................(1) Root Mean Square Method: Vrms =...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
what is thermo dynamic procees?explain it and derive the equation.
SORRY,THAT WAS A MISTAKE, A thermodynamic process is a passage of a thermodynamic system from an initial state to a final state.
SAI SARDAR one year ago
Hello Kumar An isobaric process is one in which the pressure is held constant . Assuming that the quantity of gas in an isobaric process remains constant the work done by the system is...
Gaddam Chethan 10 months ago
dear kumar.......... Thermodynamic Processes States of a thermodynamic system can be changed by interacting with its surrounding through work and heat ….
mohan 9 months ago
The RMS value of e is 5V and RMS value of voltage drop across L is 4V. What is the RMS value of voltage across R?
In R-L ac circuit, Vnet = root(Vl^2 + Vr^2) 5 = root(4^2 + Vr^2) Vr = root(25 – 16) = > root(9) = > 3 volts.
Vikas TU 2 days ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
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