Which electromagnetic device contains an armature?

10 months ago


Answers : (1)

                                        all motors contains armature
6 months ago

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Why are the pole pieces of a magnet made concave ?
By making pole pieces concave and using iron cylinder, the field is made radial, so that the plain of the coil becomes parallel to the magnetic...
Harishwar one month ago
what about north and south pole in a spherical maget???.....infinite or single
Spherical magnet has Single pole. best example is earth because earth behaves like a magnet........
Nirmal Singh. 9 months ago
but it depends as per our thinking!! ...can u please elaborate??
shashank 8 months ago
Similarity between magnetic and electric circuit?
similarity between magnetic and electric circuit 1-Magnetic circuit follows equation (4) that is Ni = (?) ( l / µA) or m.m.f(magneto motive force) = (Flux) (reluctance). Electric circuit...
Mukesh Sharma 10 months ago
What are three laws of Kepler ?
Kepler formulated his important findings in his three laws of planetray motion : All planets move in elliptical orbits with the sun at a focus. The radius vector from the sun to the planet...
Apoorva Arora 4 months ago
A cord is wrapped around the flywheel of radius 0.5m. if a mass of 50N hangs from the cord, compute the angular acceleration.
Calculate the torque due to applied force, which would be equal to the torque of rotation (Ia). You just consider the flywheel as disc and put the value of moment of inertia. Good...
Saurabh Kumar 11 days ago
Sir I have seen the hint they are saying to calculate tension.Why that so sir ??
Arjun Bakshi 7 days ago
does a convex mirror form inverted image
yes when object is virtual and kept away from focus
rishabh one year ago
No It cannot make any inverted image.
Swanand one year ago
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