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Which electromagnetic device contains an armature?

one year ago


Answers : (1)

                                        all motors contains armature
one year ago

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A 2.0-kg block of wood is on a level surface where μs and μk = 0.60. A 13.7-N force is being applied to the block parallel to the surface. (a) If the block was originally at rest, then (A)...
The correct option is: One should consider the effect of weight of the rope at various positions to account for the tension locally. At the top, the magnitude of tension would be equal to...
Deepak Patra 2 months ago
See photo to get amazing question
Nicho priyatham 20 days ago
how to use flemings right hand rule?????
consider your right hand with your thumb,fore finger,middle finger in such a way that they are mutually perpendicular to each other, such that fore finger shows the direction of magnetic...
Lokesh Gaddam 11 months ago
Hold the wire in your right hand...The Thumb should be pointing towards the direction of the current.The curl of ur fingers gives the direction of magnetic field
Yash Pungaliya 11 months ago
why the shape of rainbow is parabolic
When you create a spectrum using a glass prism, the edge is straight, meaning you'll get a straight spectrum. A rainbow is a spectrum made with a raindrop, which is spherical in shape....
Kainaat Sarfraz 7 months ago
Is ice always at 0ºC? Can it be colder? Can it be warmer? What about an ice – water mixture?
No, ice is not always at 0̊ C. Yes, it can be colder. No, it cannot be warmer. The temperature of the ice will remain constant until all the ice is melted to water. This means that the...
Aditi Chauhan 24 days ago
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