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Which electromagnetic device contains an armature?

one year ago


Answers : (1)

                                        all motors contains armature
one year ago

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when the net magnetic field at the centre of a coil is to be added or subtracted
PL> henry post the complete question
Gman Namg one month ago
please post the complete question
disha one month ago
plz post complete question again
noogler one month ago
an electron and a proton enter a magnetic field with same velocity then their acceleration will be?
The force acting on them is F= e(v×B) . Now, charges of electron and proton have opposite sign. Again from Newtons law, F=ma where a is the acceleration. So, e(v×B)=ma. a=e(v×B)/m Now,...
KAPIL MANDAL 3 months ago
how to use flemings right hand rule?????
consider your right hand with your thumb,fore finger,middle finger in such a way that they are mutually perpendicular to each other, such that fore finger shows the direction of magnetic...
Lokesh Gaddam one year ago
Hold the wire in your right hand...The Thumb should be pointing towards the direction of the current.The curl of ur fingers gives the direction of magnetic field
Yash Pungaliya one year ago
best books for iit
Check the link for JEE reference books
Avinash 29 days ago
The escape velocity from earth is v e .A body is projected with a velocity of 2v e . With what constant vellocity will it move in the inter plan etary space. OPTIONS;- 1 :- V e 2 :- 3^ 1/2...
Apply conservation of energy. Initially when body is on earth, Total energy = kinetic plus potential. And finally when it starts moving in interplanetary space, assuming potential energy at ...
Neeti 3 days ago
Oh and btw the answer is 3 1/2 v e :) And a correction, the potential energy will be GMm/R not GMm/R 2 . Use v e in place of GMm/R when you equate the two equations and the entire equation...
Neeti 3 days ago
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