Which electromagnetic device contains an armature?

7 months ago


Answers : (1)

                                        all motors contains armature
3 months ago

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what is the difference between a simple solenoid and an ideal solenoid
A solenoid is a device used to generate a homogeneous magnetic field. It can be made of a thin conducting wire wound in a tight helical coil of many turns. The magnetic field inside a...
Saurabh Singh 6 months ago
Tan A position
The law states of tangent is actually - (a+b)/(a-b)=tan((A+B)/2)/tan((A-B)/2). Utilize it when two factors and among the opposite angles tend to be known. Thanks & Regards Saurabh Singh,...
Saurabh Singh 6 months ago
1 kg ice at -20 degree celcius is mixed with 1 kg steam at 200 degree celcius. Then find the equilibrium temperature and mixture content. Also explain your answer....
The equilibrium mixture:- (2,00,000/27) gms. steam and the remainig mass would be water, and the eqm. temperature:- 373.15 K . Explanation :- Hit & Trial!
nishit goyal 6 months ago
A particle starts travelling on a circle with a constant tangential accelaration . The angle between velocity vector and accelaration vector , at the moment when particle completes half the...
Ninety degrees. The velocity and acceleration are perpendicular to each other.
Karthik one month ago
90 degree
dfdffdfddffd 2 months ago
There is a derivation given in my book which concludes to the fact that the range is same for two angles of projection, provided they are complementary. I fail to understand this fact. For...
Range is the horizontal displacement by projectile in the time in which the body is above the horizontal level(ground).Or we can say Range = orizontal component of velocity x T..,where T is...
Shivam 16 days ago
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