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evaluate  ∫[ex(1-x2) / (1+x2)]dx

 how can i write it in mathematical way by computer ? i mean to say from where i get mathematical tool .

3 years ago


Answers : (2)


i think that facility is not providing by askiitians


any way try it

3 years ago

Download MathType, a free download software for typing all mathematical equations. It is a trial version for 30 days but you can either buy it, or uninstall and install it every 30 days.

3 years ago

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integrate the following integral ∫ cos^4 (2x) dx
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below
Jitender Singh 6 months ago
i=∫cos 4 x i=∫ cos4x+1/2> 2 i=1/4×∫1+cos 2 4x+2cos4x i=1x/4 +1/4 i=1/2
pavansai 6 months ago
5 ∫ 3 (2 – x) dx
integration of 2-x from 3 to 5 is equal to (2x-((x^2)/2)) from 3 to 5 =(2*5-((5^2)/2))-(2*3-((3^2)/2)) =(10-(25/2))-(6-(9/2)) =(-5/2)-(3/2) =-8/2 =-4
Miryala Gopalakrishna 4 months ago
Ans:- 5 ∫ 3 (2-x)dx =[2x-(x 2 /2)] 3 5 =[2(5-3)]-[(25/2)-(9/2)] =[2(2)]-[(25-9)/2] =4-8 =-4
Anusha 4 months ago
please solve this question image attached
Nishant Vora 5 months ago
if |sinx+ cosx|=|sinx|+|cosx| then x belongs to which quadrant
the answer should be 1 Quadrant or 3 quadrant. Coz It will be true only when both of them will be positive or both will be negative.
Aditya Wahi 7 months ago
if angle A=90 2[r+R]=?
Hello Student, Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 7 months ago
Amazing sir :) Thanks
Leo Pixie 7 months ago
If the vertices of triangles are placed at (0,0), (0,6), (6,0). The prove that the distance between the orthocentre and circumcentre is 3 root2.
Solution: As we know the.. orthocentre is the point of intersection of altitudes of the triangle... soo for right angle triangle.. orthocenter is the vertex itself on which right angle is...
Ajay Verma 7 months ago
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