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evaluate  ∫[ex(1-x2) / (1+x2)]dx

 how can i write it in mathematical way by computer ? i mean to say from where i get mathematical tool .

3 years ago


Answers : (2)


i think that facility is not providing by askiitians


any way try it

3 years ago

Download MathType, a free download software for typing all mathematical equations. It is a trial version for 30 days but you can either buy it, or uninstall and install it every 30 days.

3 years ago

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integration of tanx limit raiseto 0 pi/4
Hint. replace tanx by sin/cos. Put cosx = t and solve by substitution method. Finally put the limits after solveing it. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 7 months ago
integration of modx
integral mod(x)= 1/2(x 2 ).sgn(x)
Aziz Alam 11 months ago
Hello Ram The word modulus has several different meanings in mathematics with respect to complex numbers, congruences, elliptic integrals, quadratic ... is written mod (b,m) (FORTRAN) or...
Gaddam Chethan one month ago
Dear ram,the word modulus is a several meanings in mathematics respect to the complex numbers.integral mod(x)=1/2(x^2)sin (x).....................
mohan one month ago
i dont get topic of area under curvin askiitians what i do pleas suggest meeee
Refer to the book “PLAY WITH GRAPHS” arihant publication it has wide variety of graphing techniques and transformations and all possible graphs ranging from easiest to difficult.. once you...
Himanshu 3 months ago
if cosx + cosy=4/5 and cosx - cosy=2/7 prove that 14tan(x-y/2)+5cot(x+y/2)=0
adding both you get cosx subtracting cosy so we also got sinx and siny if we use half angle formulas we can write sinx in terms of tanx/2 so we got that too so we can solve
girish 22 days ago
This question solve using half angle formulas we can write sinx in terms of tanx/2 so we got that then solve this problem.
Gowri sankar 22 days ago
Lab Bhattacharjee 22 days ago
integration of √cot x
Anoopam Mishra 5 months ago
what is the rank of the word SIPRON? can any one suggest me the answers..
Dear Student, Arrange I, N, O, P, R, S in a alphabetical order. Nor Number of words starting with I, N, O, P and R will be 5*5!. Now the number of words starting with using SIN or SIO will...
Vijay Mukati 10 days ago
we have to use dictonary order to find the rank of the given word so by using dictonary order the rank of the word that is sipron is 618
answer for your question is come from dictionary order the rank of the word SIPRON is 618 all the best for your bright future
Prabhakar ch 10 days ago
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