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evaluate  ∫[ex(1-x2) / (1+x2)]dx

 how can i write it in mathematical way by computer ? i mean to say from where i get mathematical tool .

3 years ago


Answers : (2)


i think that facility is not providing by askiitians


any way try it

3 years ago

Download MathType, a free download software for typing all mathematical equations. It is a trial version for 30 days but you can either buy it, or uninstall and install it every 30 days.

3 years ago

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Obtain integral of Cos 2x – ln [ (Cos x+ sin x)/ (Cos x- Sin x)] dx
is this definet or indefinet
Nicho priyatham 5 months ago
wh book 1s check it
Nicho priyatham 5 months ago
solve question number 3,4,5,6.........................................................
I would only give the hints as you could do these questions For qts.4 :: between interval (0,1) integral is zero as between interval (1,2) integral is 3 as For qts5:: IN use and interval...
vinay 10 days ago
Tricks to Solve Determinats Quickly ..? Is there Any.??
Hello student, Determinants can be solved quickly using the properties. These properties are extremely useful and help in reaching the answers easily and quickly. One can either solve the...
Latika Leekha 5 months ago
u can use properties to solve the question or jacobi’s theorem
grenade 5 months ago
How do we find the vertices of the triangle if its equation of a line and opposite vertex is given.?
Dear Student, You can easily find the vertices from the given equation of lines. Solve the two equation to get the intersecting point on them. This intersecting points will be the vertices...
Vijay Mukati 3 months ago
greatest value of 1/sin^6 x + cos^6 x
Its infinity as for some X Sin^6X can be 0.
Raghu Vamshi Hemadri 2 months ago
Lab Bhattacharjee 2 months ago
Lab Bhattacharjee 2 months ago
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