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we r given that the curves y =integation from -infinity to x f(t)dt through the point (0,1/2) and y=f(x),where f(x)>0 and f(x) is differntiable for x belongs to R through (0,1).If tangents dranw to both the curves at the point having equal abscissae intersect on the same point on x axis then 

no. of solutions f(x)=2ex = ?

4 years ago


Answers : (2)


hey,this question is in the GRAND MASTERS PACKAGE.Have you completed all the questions of GMP?

4 years ago

From the first relation,


dy/dx = f(x)

Equation of tangent at (0,1/2):


(y-0.5)/(x-0) = f(x)

or, x.f(x) = y-1/2


From the second relation,


dy/dx = d(f(x))


Equation of tangent at (0,1):


(y-1)/(x) = d(f(x))


x.d(f(x)) = y-1


Note (0,1/2) and (0,1) has same abscissae, so,

On the x-axis, let the common point be (h,0)

Both the equations should satisfy this point.


h.f(h) = -0.5          ............(i)

h.d(f(h)) = -1           ...........(ii)


dividing (i) and (ii),


d(f(h))/f(h) = 2

Integrating both sides,


ln (f(h)) = 2h + c

f(h) = e^(2h+c)


the function is f(x)=e^(2x+c)


Given the y=f(x) passes through (0,1), putting the values, in the above relation,


1 = e^(c)

or, c = 0


therefore the funtion is, f(x) = e^(2x)





f(x) = 2e^(x)

or, e^(2x) = 2.e^(x)

or, e^(x) = 2

or, x = ln2


so, i get just one solution. And i m really curious to know the answer. :) ..

4 years ago

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Komal 5 months ago
What is quadratic formula say Very fastly please very important
Dear Subhang reddy, Quadratic formula is the determine of variables in quadratic expression which is second degree that is
SAI SARDAR 5 months ago
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