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if A denotes the area bounded by f(x)=mod (sinx+cosx whole divided by x),x axis ,x=Π and x=3Π the A what r the max and min value of A

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

Using the inequality
m(b-a)\leq \int_{a}^{b}f(x)dx\leq M(b-a)
a = \pi , b = 3\pi
m\leq f(x)\leq M
Max. value of A
2\pi M
Min. value of A
2\pi m
You can easily find the m & M from f(x) (I am not finding b/c f(x) is not clear)
Thanks & Regards
Jitender Singh
IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty
one year ago

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Plz. and this ques....
Hii the answer is -0.151697 . Use by parts and then apply the substitution to get to the answer. Thanks
Sourabh Singh 8 months ago
ya substitution was sinX = t
Nihal Raj 8 months ago
Integrate ∫sin(lnx)/x dx Please reply soon.
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below
Jitender Singh one year ago
ihow use shortcuts for integral calculus
Hello student, First of all, in order to excel in integral calculus the inetgration formulae should be on your finger tips. There is no shortcut to hardwork and practice, but yes, there are...
Latika Leekha 2 months ago
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Ravi 5 months ago
find the value for m for which equations have equal roots x 2 -15-m(2x-8)=0
Dear student, Its quadratic equation if two roots are equal that mean D=0 ==> b 2 – 4ac =0 So Solve this now
Nishant Vora 7 days ago
if eactly one root of the equation x 2 -2kx+k 2 +1=0 satisfies the inequlity log 3 1/2 (2-x)
Dear student, Your question seems to be incompelete. Thanks.
Vijay Mukti 26 days ago
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