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If y is a function of x then  (d2y/dx2) + y.(dy/dx) = 0.  If x is a function of y , then what does the same differential equation become ?

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

Let us assume a solution of the original differential equation as:
Hence the given differential equation becomes:
a^{2}e^{ax}+ae^{2ax}=0 \Rightarrow e^{ax}=-a \Rightarrow y=\frac{logy}{x} \Rightarrow y^{1/y}=e^{x}

Thanks & Regards

Sumit Majumdar,

askIITians Faculty

Ph.D,IIT Delhi

one year ago

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please tell me the answers of the above 2 questions
the answer for sin^4(x) will be 3/8x-1/4sin2x+1/32sin4x+c
grenade 2 months ago
yhe answer for 1/cosx.dx wil be ln {tan mod (pie/4 + x/2) mod}+c
grenade 2 months ago
which 2 questions
grenade 2 months ago
best book for calculus for jee main and advanced 1)thomas calculus or 2)Calculus - Early Transcendentals or some other books.
Arihant series, Problems in Calculus of One Variable,I.A. Maron Calculus,J. Edward
Avinash 5 days ago
pi/2 ∫ 0 dx/1 + tan x
answer will be pi/4 ..see we have to use the property of definite integral f(a-x) = f(x). also change tanx to sinx / cosx now we have pi/2 ∫ 0 dx/1 + tan x = pi/2 ∫ 0 dx/ (1 + (sinx/cosx) ) ...
abhishek singh 9 months ago
sorrythelast line was wrongly typed .. it was lower limit = 0 and upper limit = pi/2 of [1]* 1/2
abhishek singh 9 months ago
I was having trouble solving this question: If the coordinates of a point p be (aCosθ, bSinθ) whereθ is a variable quantity, find locuss of p. I really dont understand how to solve such...
the ans is (x/a) 2 +(y/b) 2 =1 it is simple u just need to eliminate θ and for that take x=acosθ and y=bsinθ so cosθ=x/a and sinθ=y/b now since cos 2 θ + sin 2 θ=1 we get (x/a) 2 +(y/b) 2...
Nicho priyatham one month ago
Well that was simple! I guess I’ll just get some practice and would get a hang of it. Thanks!
Jyotinder Singh one month ago
how to find the area of a triangle with given eqations of 3 lines.....? i cannot understand the determinant method also what is a determinant
Hint: With the given 3 equaitons of lines of triangle, we can easily find the three coordinates of the triangle. Then by using the formula by determinant method, simply put the values of the...
Vijay Mukti 6 days ago
Find the minimum value of, 9x 2 sin 2 x+4/xsinx for, 0 12 14 6 7
Hint: Appky the condition and A.M. is greater then and equal to G.M. for the two numbers. Thanks.
Vijay Mukti 10 days ago
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