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                   is all topics from surface chemistry there for 2012 cbse board exam fro ncert textbooks.

also for physics & maths wat all r excluded

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Surya,

All the chapter from NCERT books are importantb from engineering point of view

Please try to cover them all and it will help you accordingly


3 years ago

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where are p block related topics
it’s in NCERT or you can refer some books but always prefer NCERT as per the jee mains level.
Ashutosh Sharma 21 days ago
Oxidation state of nitrogen in ncl3
nitrogen and chlorine have almost equal en ( 3.0 ).But nitrogen is smaller in size than chlorine. So chlorine is assigned +1 in NCl3, OS N = -3 and OS cl = +1
Himaja 2 months ago
@ gman namg you were wrong Chlorine oxidation state is not fixed it may have -1(Nacl),+5(NaClO 3 ), +7(HClO 4 ) etc.
K Keerthirajan 2 months ago
the oxidation state of chlorine is fixed thus we can take out the value of nitrogen will be +3
Gman Namg 2 months ago
how can calculate the ionic product of water (Kw),at given temperature?
At 25 degree celcius it will be 1.01×10 -14 M 2
Susmithasri 4 months ago
at 25 degree celsius it will always be 10 -14
Tony Abraham 5 months ago
why do elements have isotopes?
Isotopes are defined as different atoms of same element which have same number of electrons and protons,but different numbers of neutrons or we can also defined isotopes have same atomic...
Aarti Gupta 22 days ago
polar molecules
polar molecules PLEASE ..... if u like my answer and my answer is use full for you so please just click on approve button ...and if you have any other question or dought keep asking
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 6 days ago
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