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                   is all topics from surface chemistry there for 2012 cbse board exam fro ncert textbooks.

also for physics & maths wat all r excluded

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Surya,

All the chapter from NCERT books are importantb from engineering point of view

Please try to cover them all and it will help you accordingly


3 years ago

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Why Eu ropium shows a sudden increase in atomic radius. (At. Radius of Sm = 180pm , Eu = 199pm and Gd = 180 pm)?
Actually there is confusion in you.The atomic radius which I found was all the same for the three element as 180 pm. Lets see,there is a decrease in atomic radius There is a decrease in the...
Sunil Kumar FP 8 months ago
@Sunil Kumar FP Go to this link and check Table 8.9 on pg.229
Shibashis Mallik 8 months ago
CO2 is a gas,while silica is a solid.Explain....?
Hi student Gaseous state occurs when there are weaker bonds in between the molecules as compare to the solids where strong bonds are present . Same case is there in case of CO 2 and SiO 2....
Anjali Ahuja 7 months ago
Co2 is a gas because of its symmetrical shape and it is without polarity whereas SiO2 has different types of bond .it can easily form network bonds and in other words the bonds are polar in...
Sunil Kumar FP 7 months ago
a solution containing 10 g per dm3 of urea (molecular mass= 60 g/mol) is isotonic with a 5% solution of anon volatile solute is
becoz i try it alot but unfortunately i cant solve it
Rupali 4 days ago
What is the requirement of the question??
erra akhil 6 days ago
Don’t the electrons in an electron pair repel each other?
Hello Student Yes the electron pairs respell each other. The repulsion among the electron pairs determine the geometry of any molecule. The order of repulsion is Bond Pair – Bond Pair...
Gaurav 3 months ago
Yes, they do, and this is why pairing of electrons is related with an extra energy known as pairing energy. And this is why pairing starts only after each orbital has one electron.
Gaurav one month ago
No I meant two electrons paired together ...dont they repel each other?
Satviki Pathak 3 months ago
Why is Carbon Dioxide a greenhouse gas?
CO2 emissions accelerating, scientists warn Atmospheric scientists have warned that carbon dioxide emissions are increasing more rapidly, despite international efforts to curb the use of...
vikas yadav 3 months ago
Presently, nobody can prove if either theory is correct, but one thing is certain; the world has been emitting greenhouse gases at extremely high rates and has shown only small signs of...
vikas yadav 3 months ago
structure of xylene?
Xylene,or dimethylbenzene is an aromatic hydrocarbon mixture consisting of a benzene ring with two methyl groups at various substituted positions.It has molecular formula of C8H10,also...
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
xylene is a compound in which there is a benzene ring and having two methyl gropus attached to it these are of three types ortho1,2 position meta1,3 position para1,4 position appprove if...
Gman Namg one month ago
i too have that doubt
britto george 2 months ago
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