is all topics from surface chemistry there for 2012 cbse board exam fro ncert textbooks.

also for physics & maths wat all r excluded

2 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Surya,

All the chapter from NCERT books are importantb from engineering point of view

Please try to cover them all and it will help you accordingly


2 years ago

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how to prepare the my sem exams . in orgaanick chemistry please give my answer quickly
teliyakunte telusukonicheoou
G vamsinath reddy 8 months ago
naaku teliyadu
chiru 8 months ago
what is the order of bond strength for 2p-2p,2s-2s and 2s-2p??
p-pis greater than s-p &is-p is greater than s-s
sumanth 8 months ago
2s-2s is less than 2s-2p is less than 2p-2p
PAVAN 8 months ago
Which book is good for revising INORGANIC CHEMISTRY for IIT?
o.p tondon books and in askiitans website books are there to download . thank u
chevvakula tulasi 3 months ago
what about ncert? should that be followed as well?
Samrat 3 months ago
relatio between molarity and molality
if density of solution = d g/cc molarity = M molality = m molar mass of solute = M 0 Lets take 1000ml of the solution, then mass of solution = 1000d moles of solute = M mass of solute = MM 0...
kshitij aggarwal one year ago
relationship b/w molarity,molality and densitym=1000M/1000d-M(mm)where m=molality M=molarity d=density mm=molecular mass
vibhuti rajpal one year ago
in both cases moles of solute is taken as numerator in formula.... hehehe
utkarsh maurya one year ago
Raoult`s law (for solutions having nonvolatile solute)--According to this law ``relative lowering in vapour pressure is equal to mole fraction of solute. suppose p 0 is vapour pressure of...
Kamlesh Kumar 5 months ago
`The relative lowering of vapour pressure of the dilute solution of a non volatile solute is equal to the mole fraction of the solute in the solution` Relationship between RLVP and molecule...
KATIPERI 5 months ago
General statement of raoult law - partial vapour pressure of a volatile component is directly proportional to its mole fraction in liquid solution
Parveen Khurana 5 months ago
Which of these reactions are in IIT syllabus? 1.Micheal Addition 2.Benzoin Condensation 3.Bayer Villager Oxidation 4.Wittig Reaction 5.Tischenko Reaction 6.Beckmann Rearrangement...
Hi Student, All the name reactions listed by you are present in IIT syllabus. You should go through these name reactions wery well as these are very important. you must know the mechanism of...
sumit kumar 24 days ago
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