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irreducible character table for N2F2,H2C=CClBr and So3-

3 years ago


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In sp2 hybridisation how to understand the geometry whether which is trigonal planar and which is bent shaped??
You will get your answer when you draw the structure......if there is sp 2 hybridisation there are two possibilities of structures have to write the electronic...
utkarsh singh 8 months ago
see the number of lone pair
vedant chavan 8 months ago
Explain the concept of banana/tau bonding.
Bananas are fun things, those of you who might have thought that I have changed into Sean Banancan relax and breathe easy again. I am here to talk about the banana bond. This is the informal...
Harishwar 7 months ago
It was a bit complicated.. However.. I have read that Banana bond is a result of partial sharing of two hydrogen atoms by two boron atoms.. And the bent that appears, is it because of the...
ANMOL SETH 6 months ago
it is difficult to calculate internal energy U ,however ∂U can be easily determined why??explain with example
According to Einstein's equation U=mc 2 we can calculate absolute energy of a body,but in this expresssion the term c 2 reffered to the energy of any system which is quite large and...
Aarti Gupta 5 months ago
Deepak Bohra 5 months ago
The inversion of cane sugar proceeds with constant half life of 500 minute at pH = 5 for any concentration of sugar. However, if pH = 6, the half life changes to 50 minute. Derive the rate...
This is explained as followsWe are given that the half life at pH = 5 and at any concentration of sugar is 50 minutes while the half life at pH = 6 and any concentration of sugar is 500...
Ramreddy 8 months ago
I’m a bit confused... First, you said that “ This clearly means that the half life is independent of the concentration of sugar and depends on the concentration of hydrogen ion. ” . Then you...
Shibashis Mallik 8 months ago
I have just given my mains exam and i want myselgf to get toggled in preparation of advance. I do have a bundle of good books and for last two yers i m practising with DISHA’s chemistry...
First go for 15 year question papers. 2. Have a look solved Irodov Physics. very quick view 3. For Organic, quick view on O. P. Tandon..
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
ng29 one month ago
Please explain how to count the no. of pi electrons in the attached image (the answer is 10)
i think its 8 , 3 double bonds =6pi electrons and 1l.p of oxygen is delocalised so that the compound is aromatic. The other is in sp 2 hybridised orital
Abhishek Singh 4 months ago
2 lone pairs on the oxygen molecule are in unhybridized p orbitals. Buy ‘solomon&fryhle’’s book on organic chemistry (INR700). It takes 6-8 days to read it’s 1090 pages provided you’ve read...
Manas Bondale 5 months ago
3 double bonds corresponds to 6 pi electrons , in addition to it there are two lone pairs with oxygen which are counted as pi electons , therefore 6+4=10
daksh 4 months ago
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