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irreducible character table for N2F2,H2C=CClBr and So3-

3 years ago


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One of the following metals forms a volatile compound and this property is taken as advantage for its extraction,The metal is Iron Cobalt Nickel Tungsten
The metal which forms a volatile compound is nickel and it is extracted by taking advantage of this property.Such process is called as vapour phase refining in which metal is converted to an...
Aarti Gupta 9 days ago
why the structure of H2S2O5 is NOT as shown??(#attachment)
These are structures are not dependent on us . We are dependent on them , we try to study these structures. So you have to agree that the structure of the molecule you have asked is that...
Suraj Prasad 5 months ago
does the study material of chemical bonding include the back bonding part as well ?
That we will study later in inorganic chemistry.
Abhishek Kumar 25 days ago
how do we identify the hybridisation state after watching a carbon compound
Well...I and most of the students decide it by observing the no. of pi-bonds that carbon atom has. If no pi-bond, then sp 3 ; if one, then sp 2 ; and if two, then sp. Eg. CH 2 =C=CH-CH 3...
Yash Jain 2 months ago
Jacob james 2 months ago
in a cube close packed structure of mixed oxides ,the lattice is made up of oxide ions,one eighth of tetrahedral voids are occupied by divalent (X2+) ions,whileone half of the octahedral...
Actually the bigger molecules like oxygen occupy the lattice points.In ccp unit cell the effective number of atoms occupying lattice points is 8(1/8)+6(1/2)=4 and in ccp the number of...
Havishma Haranath 4 months ago
sir plz solve dis
Shriya Mehrotra 4 months ago
this is easy question and you can try to solve it
14 hours ago
how to prepare for organic tests effectively!!?? pls suggest a method
Organic compounds unlike the inorganic ones cannot be identifeid by testing the ions as they do not give ions in the solution because of having colvalent linkages in them.Organic compounds...
Aarti Gupta 8 months ago
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