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How to remember all the reactions including it s temperature range? . I am a little difficulty

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

                                        There is no shot trick to remember the temperature range for reactions.

Thank You
Askiitians Faculty
one year ago

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what is the faraday’s equivalent of 9.8g of k2cr2o7 ?
here 6 is n- factor of k2cr207 (moles of electrons needed to reduce 1 mol. of k2cr2o7)
Abhishek Singh 6 months ago
moles of k2cr2o7 is= 9.8/294=1/30 moles eqvalents = 1/30*6=0.2
Abhishek Singh 6 months ago
the pair of elemets which forms a compound with maximum ionic character is: ​a) Na & C ​b)Cs and F c)Cs and I d)Na and Cl
B- Cs and F as clearly Cs is most electropositive element and F is most electronegative element and they form most ionic product
daksh 2 months ago
for max ionic character large size of cation and small size of anion so answer is CsF APPROVE IF USEFUL
ng29 2 months ago
What is the difference between didentate ligand and ambidentate ligand?
Bidentate ligand A bidentate ligand has two points at which it can attach to the central atom. One example of such a ligand is: oxalate ion The two single-bonded oxygen atoms can each...
Raheema Javed 7 months ago
Didentate or Bidentate ligands are the logands which makes bonds with the metal ion in two places. It make two bonds with two different portion of its structure. Ambidentate ligands are the...
Aziz Alam 8 months ago
a bidentate is one which combines from 2 different sites simultaneously....but ambidentae is one which can combine from 2 sites but at a time only one site can combine(ambidentate ar...
Harishwar 8 months ago
Cannizaro reaction is not given by Chloral HCHO 2-methylpropanal p-methoxybenzaldehyde The answers are 1,2 I have doubt in 3,4. Generally aldehydes without alphe hydrogen give cannizaro...
Dear student canninzaro reaction is given by only those aldehydes in which alpha-hydrogen is absent.So formaldehyde(HCHO),chloral(CCl3CHO) and p-methoxy benzaldehyde all will give this...
Aarti Gupta 6 months ago
Canninzaro reaction is the characteristic of those aldehydes which do not contain alpha-hydrogen.Thus formaldehyde(HCHO),chloral(CC3CHO) and p-methoxybenzaldehyde will show this reaction as...
Aarti Gupta 6 months ago
But CCl 3 CHO does not undergo cannizaro reaction. CCl3CHO +OH - = CHCl 3 . But not cannizaro products. The answers are chloral and p-methoxybenzaldehyde. How can 2-methyl propanal (...
Himaja 6 months ago
Calculate molarity of water
1 liter would weigh 1 kg. this mass is divided by the molecular weight of water(18.0152g/mol) gives 55.5 moles molarity of water is 55.5 mole/litre
2015 years ago
mass of 100 atom of nitrogen in grams?
We know that mass of 6.023 * 10 23 atoms of N 2 = Gram atomic mass of N 2 = 14g therefore, Mass of 1atom of N 2 = Gram atomic mass / N A where, N A = 6.023 * 1023 Mass of 1atom of N 2 =...
Aarti Gupta 7 days ago
Your welcome dear student.
Aarti Gupta 4 days ago
mass of one atom of N 2 is 14/N a, therefore mass of 100 atoms is 1400/N a , thats all,, @vindya i would recommend you to read and solve RC muckerjee (mole concept) 1 st and 2 nd chapters...
Prajwal Kavad 4 days ago
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