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1) why does elements change from gases to solids in group 17..(halogens)????????????PLS EXPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

2) which is more strong HCl or HClO?????AND WHY .....PLS EXPLIAN!!!!!!

answer willl surely bbe aproved.........

3 years ago


Answers : (2)


Reason for 1 statement: 

Since the non metals donot have metallic bonding so the only force holding them together is vanderwall force (Induced Dipole - Induced-Dipole type ). As the vanderwall forces as directly pproportional to the surace area of the molecule , Iodine which has the largest surface area will hv largest vanderwall forces which pack it in form of solids. However fluorine with smaller surface area is less tightly packed by the vanderwall forces which results in its gaseous sate.


Reason for 2 statement:

 HOCl is more acidic. In HOCl , the O---Cl- anion is more stabilised by two effects which results in higher acidities.

1. due to negative charge on a more electronegative element (Oxygen) in O----CL  after the removal of protron , it is more acidic than HCl having negative charge on a comparitatively less electronegative element Cl-

2. In O---Cl, Cl acts as a electron withdrawing unit and tends to increase the stability of ion by negative charge dispersal. However no such phenomenon is observed in HCL  

3 years ago

perchloric acid is the strongest amongst the common strong acids. prechloric acid is a super acid one of the strongest bronsted and lowry acids. its pKa is -10,on the other hand hcl has a pKa of -8.0

hence perchloric acid is stronger than hcl !!

3 years ago

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durga 18 hours ago
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BOLLU SRINIVAS 17 hours ago
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Carbon forms :Diamond,Graphite,Fullerence,Charcol,Carbon nanotubes
RAKESH CHINDAM 14 days ago
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