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				   Amphibole silicate has x number of corner shared per tetrahedron.what is the value of x??????

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear SAnjeev,

 continuous chains of Si-O tetrahedra, sharing two oxygens (single chains, Si : 0 = 1 : 3, for example the pyroxene group) or alternately sharing two and three oxygens (double chains, Si : 0 = 4 : 11, for example the amphibole group)

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4 years ago

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@ simran A metal cluster compound is one in which metal atoms are linked directly to one another. A simple example is the ion Hg 2 2 + , in which two mercury (Hg) ions are linked together....
Umakant biswal 14 days ago
Why molecules of larger size can be polarized easily?
bcoz they have London Dispersion forces b/w them which are very very weak forces and ae attractive thus distort the atoms and size gets larger.
Vikas TU 16 days ago
In Dalton atomic theory the 4 th postulate that "atoms of same elements are same in all respects and atoms of different elements are diferent in all respest" is right or wrong?
atoms of same elements are same in all respects and atoms of different elements are diferent in all respect. is true Dalton’s Postulate. .i.e. atoms are same in shape, size and identical of ...
Vikas TU one month ago
100 mL aqueous solution of glucose with osmotic pressure 1.2atm at 25ºC is mixed with 300 mL aqueous solution of urea at 2.4 atm at 25ºC. Calculate osmotic pressure of mixture.
First calulate the no. of moles for each glucose and urea and then find their concentration. O.P = constant. After caluclate, i1*c1*S*T1 for both glucose and urea and then add them. S= R...
Vikas TU 29 days ago
50 grams of CaCo3 is allowed to react with 73.5 grams of h3po4 calculate amount of Ca3(Po4)2 formed?
You no longer have to wait desperately for someone to help resolve your doubt. You can chat with IITians live, 24/7 (even at 3AM!) and get your doubt resolved instantly. Try the HashLearn...
Ankit one month ago
good evening yasik guptha, in my point of veiw, balanced equation- 3CaCo 3 +2H 2 Po 4 gives Ca 3 (Po 4 ) 2 +3Co 2 +3H 2 O so 210g of CaCo 3 and 196 H 3 Po 4 gives 310g of Ca 3 (Po 4 )...
DEEPTHI JANGA one month ago
EXPLAIN THE ORDER OF REACTION...................................?
Order of Reaction: The sum of powers of concentration terms of the reactants in the rate law expression is called the order of that chemical reaction. Order of a reaction can be 0, 1, 2,3...
SAI SARDAR one month ago
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