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exam pattern of iit paper


5 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Bhargav,

Pattern of IIT 2010 :

There will be two question papers, each of three hours duration. Both the question papers would consist of three separate sections on Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

Questions in these papers will be of objective type, which are to be answered on a specially designed machine-gradable sheet (ORS - Optical Response Sheet) using HB pencils only. Incorrect answers will be awarded negative marks.

For all the details of IIT 2010 , Please Click here...

Please feel free to post as many doubts on our disucssion forum as you can. If you find any question difficult to understand - post it here and we will get you the answer and detailed solution very quickly. We are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation. All the best .

Askiitians Expert
Amit - IT BHU

5 years ago

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F(x)= (2e^x-7)/(7e^x+6) f^-1(x)=?
f(x) = (2e^x - 7)/(7e^x + 6) f(x) = {2(e^x - 7/2)}/{7(e^x + 6/7)} f(x) = (2/7)(e^x - 7/2)/(e^x + 6/7) Let x = f^-1(x) f(f^-1(x)) = (2/7)(e^f^-1(x) - 7/2)/(e^f-1(x) + 6/7) The left side...
vikas yadav 2 months ago
7x/2 = (e^f^-1(x) + 6/7 - 6/7 - 7/2)/(e^f^-1(x) + 6/7) 7x/2 = 1 - (6/7 + 7/2)/(e^f^-1(x) + 6/7) Multiply by 2: 7x = 2 - (12/7 + 7)/(e^f^-1(x) + 6/7) Multiply numerator and denominator by...
vikas yadav 2 months ago
Is H.C.Verma enough for IIT-JEE?
Not so, for good books, it is also mentioned on askiitians home page.
Saurabh Kumar 8 days ago
no because it is having more subjrctive questions
Gman Namg 8 days ago
no prefer cengage
akshat 8 days ago
my son wrote JEE main.As per your prediction,his OBC category rank is 30014.Can i get ECE or CSE in Tamilnadu IIITM or NIT? pls advise.
If your son is getting this rank, then he may be consider for IIITM but very rare chance of NIT (South based colleges) He may get NITs of north east...but there may be some issue with...
Saurabh Kumar 9 days ago
Dear sir, Thanks and kind enough for your positive reply. I am not fully aware of IIITs. What is the difference between NIT and IIIT,qualitywise,feeswise,careerwise and etc. Can we prefer...
sha 8 days ago
342 in bits what are my chances considering extremely low cutoff in mains.
Well did you just read my score? Or you just need to comment on everything you see?
Monkey 11 days ago
342 is quite gud score....according to me...
mansi dabriwal 11 days ago
Getting into BITS is a lil tough job...keep trying...if it doesn;t work there..then try getting admission at – -BHU Varanasi. VIT Vellore, LPU Phagwara or PEC Patiala
Paul Wagnor 11 days ago
what is the college and course ishould select with 210 in mains and 466 in cbse(obc -ncl)
Hi WIth your JEE Advanced marks you will be able to get a CML rank under OBC-NCL. You will get an IIT College. Rank would be around 6000. But it will subject to overall marks that’s...
Sunil Kumar 5 days ago
What is your JEE advanced marks ? If your JEE is not cleared then also you will get any NIT any branch. But do tell your JEE advanced marks !!
Sunil Kumar 5 days ago
jaisreenivasan 5 days ago
What is the AIR required for Computer Science at Bachelor’s at IIT Delhi, Bombay, Kharagpur, Roorkee and Kanpur.
for in CSE you at least need following ranks in general category. IIT delhi ----> 100 IIT bombay----> 55 IIT kharagpur ----> 310 IIT roorkee ----> 370 IIT kanpur ---->...
Abhinav 3 days ago
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