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I have applied for IIT JEE 2012. But in the application form I have pasted a photograph with a coloured background. will my form be rejected?

3 years ago


Answers : (2)


Hi Jiteshri,


Do not worry. Your form will not be rejected because of a dark background.

Relax and prepare well.


Wish you all the best for IIT JEE 2011.



Ashwin (IIT Madras).

3 years ago

Thank you sir.

3 years ago

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when will rank list of jeemain 2015 will be declared
Today the result will be announced and after that you must look out to locate a reputed institution for your degree, i recommend these names to check out the details – Lovely Professional...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 7 days ago
JEE MAIN 2015 rank list will be announced on JUNE 24, 2015.
anshika singh 10 days ago
on 24 june 2015
sajid 10 days ago
How much in an hour would 40 cents a minute be?
Hmm... 40*60/(1/unit of cash in cents): -24 Dollars -48 Half Dollars -96 Quarters -240 Dimes -480 Nickels -2400 Cents -371.67 Pesos -$2.40 an hour -My Net worth -The budget for Plan 9 From...
TEJKIRAT SINGH 3 months ago
Hmm... 40*60/(1/unit of cash in cents): -24 Dollars -48 Half Dollars -96 Quarters -240 Dimes -480 Nickels -2400 Cents -371.67 Pesos -$2.40 an hour -My Net worth -The budget for Plan 9 From...
vikas yadav 3 months ago
Currently I am in 11 class.Please give me list of best books for each subject for the preparation of IIT-JEE.
Saurabh Kumar 7 days ago
for solving problems .For oraganic chemistry, buy ARIHANT`S Ranjeeth Shahi for organic chemistry for concepts and GRB Himanshu Pandey for organic chemistry solving problems.(*second books...
erra akhil 7 days ago
Dear Himanshu, It is good to hear that you are preparing for jee exams and hope these books might help you out. MATHS-Problems Plus for IIT Jee by Asit Das Gupta is good and you can use...
erra akhil 7 days ago
sir i got 143 marks in jee main 2015, 91%in cbse and i belong to obc ncl can i get nit?
Of course you may get it at NIT, it will be a wise decision to compare and contrast some other good institutions of a deserving reputation before taking any final decision: International...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 25 days ago
as cut off for ur category is less thn common merit list, and also ur baord percenrage is good may be u get a nit , and i will prefer u to opt college prefernce rather stream preference and ...
ng29 26 days ago
u will get a good nit but wait till the actual ranks are disclosed
grenade 26 days ago
sir i got 120 marks injee mains. idecided to take ECE(or)mechanical please give me advice which college is suittable in NIT’S
NIT Trichy, than NIT Surat kal, NIT Jalandhar....PEC Chandigarh or if you are getting DTU or NSIT , try that coolleges...
Saurabh Kumar 13 days ago
friend if you r in general catagory no good nit you get with good branches and if you satisfy with my answer so please just click on approve button ...and if you have any other question or...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 13 days ago
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