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sir i filled cbse in board of qualifying examination but i m actual of state board and i have posted the form

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Shuham,


Call up the Delhi JEE Office, and inform them about the mistake and find out what action needs to be taken immediately.



Ashwin (IIT Madras).

3 years ago

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What is inverse of i(iota) ?
It is -i. It is because in verse of i = 1/i. Multiplying & dividing by i, we get 1/i = i/i 2 Also, i 2 = -1 So, 1/i = i/-1 = -i Please approve it if you like.
Shivam Chopra 3 months ago
How would I know?
Ashwini 3 months ago
I dont know.
Ashwini 3 months ago
When is the starting day for downloading hall ticckets for advance??
erra akhil 6 days ago
it is from 18th
SAITEJA GOUD 4 days ago
18 th
Is H.C.Verma enough for IIT-JEE?
no because it is having more subjrctive questions
2015 years ago
no prefer cengage
10 hours ago
sir i am expecting 180 marks in jee main paper 2 is there any chance of getting nit or any other centrally funded institute?
If you are from GE Cat, you can have a seat at Centrally funded but sorry for NITs.... Try hard for JEE ADV.....then you can opt for MERCHANT NAVY college TS CHANKYA MUMBAI or other reputed...
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
NITs accept a candidate with 200 onward score, scholarships are offered on the basis of category[which is not applicable at every institute], on the basis of JEE score or on the basis of...
Soneel Verma 2 days ago
respectedd sir/madam could u plz tell me which all chapters i should be confident for scoring gud marks in BITSAT as about 20 days only left....and what should i do now....???? solve past...
u must practice as many questions from arihant bitsat with proper time limit and before 7 days of exam do full length bitsat tests online as same that of bitsat so that u came to know how to...
ng29 24 days ago
start with the subject whhich ur best from chem , phy , maths as there are 150 questions in bitsat to do in 180 minutes , all the questiuons are not meant that would be solved in 1 minute so...
ng29 24 days ago
do u get any information about ur paer 2 jee main result they had not uploaded it on the website till now what the mess is cbse doing with students/// isnt it very bad
ng29 24 days ago
sir my state rank is abt 750... in tamil nadu.. can i get nit trichy under state gota... my air is abt 17k
Hi, There is a possibility trhat you may get a average branch in NIT Tamil Nadu. For a better predicction you can visit our college and branch predictor. Here is the link :...
Yash Baheti 10 months ago
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