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(ax^2)-bx+c=0 has distinct roots lyin b/w 0 & 1.then which of the following holds if a,b,c E N.

  1. abc >=20

  2. abc >=25

  3. abc <=16

  4. abc =9.

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Here, b/a=0+1=1, c/a=0*1≠0 ( here 0 is not exactly 0) 

 b=a, c=na(n is any integer )

 let, ax2-ax+na=0




 12=1. so x=1 is true. 


 -bx+na= 0



  hit and trial, b=a=√3 and c=3 .then,

abc = 9. this is the answer.  plz aprove the answer. 


3 years ago

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What is inverse of i(iota) ?
It is -1 because inverse means1/i=-i,divide numarater and denominatot by i the in numarater you have i and in denominator i square.isquare=-1.So the answer is -i. In future try to look at...
abhinaipadachuru 3 days ago
It is -i. It is because in verse of i = 1/i. Multiplying & dividing by i, we get 1/i = i/i 2 Also, i 2 = -1 So, 1/i = i/-1 = -i Please approve it if you like.
Shivam Chopra 5 months ago
here we just have to rationalise 1/i this will give us the result -i hit approve if useful
rahul 6 days ago
i have completed my class 12 th from hyderabad....... but my native place is jammu....... then what will be my state........ jammu and kashmir or telangana.....
your home state would be telangana in nit coumcelling as you have studied in telangana and got nit rank on telangana
sajid 7 days ago
ur homestate in NIT councling will be TELANGANA plz approve if useful in case of any doubts ask in ans boox
Nicho priyatham 15 days ago
not a permananet resident of telengana.
Mohit Kumar 15 days ago
Is JEE 2016 going to be subjective, like where you have to write descriptive answers, as it used to be in the past?
Hi.. I do not think that 2016 jee will be a subjective one as no decision has been made,. Moreover taking such a big decision will require time and also time for student so certainly it will...
Sakshi 12 days ago
No I do not think that JEE 2016 will be a subjective one as no decision has been made till date.
Vijay Mukti 12 days ago
i think subjective paper will be more good . ….. by this quality of selection become better … and only persons could went to iit those have perfect conceptual as well as application...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 12 days ago
how r d questions in BITSAT DIFFICULTY wise more like jee main or tougher and r d past year question paper really reliable
bitsat is quite easy exam as compared to that of jee main the most important thing is that lot of sppeeed anddd aaccuracy is required to get a good score in bitsat,patience also as it is...
ng29 one month ago
level of questions is not so high as compared to this year jee main especially phusics but there will be some questions that are kept with intention to puzzzle the candidate so leave such...
ng29 one month ago
it is not that easy but comparing to this years jee mains it will bw a bit easy. the questions would be really confusing and the worst part it contains english. all the best and try your...
Archita 15 days ago
Is bharti vidya peeth a good college for engineering and which is best stream in this college?????
Hi.. BVDU has given ample evidence of how it has made judicious and full use of academic and administrative autonomy given to it. Also from the data available, BVDU has been found to be a...
Sakshi 13 days ago
You need to get enquired about it with any of the seniors who are stuyding in the college.You need to look also about placement record. There are many universities which provide you...
abhinaipadachuru 12 days ago
bvdu is one of good universities in india as consened with course ,it depends on your interest
sajid 9 days ago
sir i m really in need of ur help …. atually my rank is 4965 in general and i m oc..according to the previous year ranks i may get jodhpur mech,iit guwahati design,iit kharagpur...
If you are not particular about branch go as IIT G, IIT Kgp, IIT R then go for new IITs but if it is the other way choose according to branch ec ee cs mech etc
Avinash yesterday
dont see salary or scope and all , just select the branch in which you are intrested
Prajwal Kavad 2 days ago
go for wat you are intrested in
Prajwal Kavad 2 days ago
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