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At a distance of 4,000 ft from the launch site, a spectator is observing a rocket being launched. If the rocket lifts off vertically and is rising at a speed of 600 ft/sec when it is at an altitude of 3,000 ft, how fast is the distance between the rocket and the spectator changing at that instant?

3 years ago


Answers : (2)


distance=s=√(40002+h2), rate of change of distance=ds/dt=(ds/dh)(dh/dt)=(d(√(40002+h2)/dh)(dh/dt),dh/dt=600 ft/sec

3 years ago

250/3 ft/sec using 2d figure

2 years ago

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after passing 9 th what i have to do for my iit career?
Hello Student, ITs very good that you have started so early. For JEE your foundation base should be very strong. Right now you can prepare for exams like NTSE, Olympiad, KVPY , etc which...
Nishant Vora 2 months ago
Hi Student, Please enroll for askiitians classes if you want iitjee level preparation from 9 th class.
Harishwar 2 months ago
which book will be best for mathematics for iit jee 2016??
u n which std??
Jeetvan one month ago
i am Lalit got 90 marks in jee mains ST category nd 76% in 12 th CBSE home state – Rajasthan what all colleges can i get for CS/IT branch only NIT’s/IIIT’s specially
chances of nit jaipur are very less but dont loose hope completely as nothing can be said very surely about counselling this year as cut off had also decreased as compared to last year also...
ng29 9 days ago
Don’t lose hope as there are various esteemed colleges and universities in our country which provide due benefits to the students and along with it their placements are also quite good, you...
Soneel Verma 8 days ago
just wait for ur rank , and chill out dont take tension and just prepare for jee advance and bitsat ui have full month of june to discuus about it all the best approve if useful
ng29 9 days ago
please post correct question...
Amit Shekhar 8 months ago
I will be now coming in 12th std. And my basic conecpts for physics, maths and chemestry sucks. Can you please reccomend books regarding these 3 subjecs to clear my all basics and concepts...
Physics: 1. NCERT 2: Concepts of Physics : H.C Verma 3. Cengage Publications: B.M.Sharma or Arihant’s Publications by D C Pandey 4. Problem in Physics: I.E.Irodov Chemistry: 1. NCERT...
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
It is the basic concepts that will help you in Borads as well as Jee. For physics i would suggest “Fundamentals of Physics by Resnik Halliday”. This book will change the way you see physics...
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BIT and Anna both are good, but SKIET is also an another and best option for you. I have also studied at this college. It is one of the best engineering colleges among the all engineering...
Leepika Roy one month ago
it will be anna university. the campus is also very good
britto george one month ago
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