sir i passed 10th from up board and now i want to qualify iitje 2013 sir how will i prpear for it. but i want to keep my school regularly so what's the way to qualify iit ?

3 years ago


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join FIITJEE's classroom programme if possible,else join the best classroom coaching you can other than FIITJEE if it is good enough. Otherwise join FIITJEE's correspondense programme(for more details go to FIITJEE website).

3 years ago

Dear Saksham Srivastava,



dmbtest STUDY TIPS


To prevent mental fatigue, take a short break as soon as you notice your mind is losing concentration. Stick to activities that do not break your study continuum during these breaks. Avoid television and loud music. You will then be able to come back to your revision refreshed.

•To prevent mental fatigue, take a short break as soon as you notice your mind is losing concentration. Stick to activities that do not break your study continuum during these breaks. Avoid television and loud music. You will then be able to come back to your revision refreshed.

• why do you want to buy more books?I have written this before too- and I would tell you again!- don’t read any subject from too many books.
Read from one good book, and consult some other book only if a chapter is not written well in that book. And use the second book for that chapter only. After reading that chapter, come back again to your original book..THAT REDUCES TENSION.

How to balance board exams and competitive exams simultaneously???



IIT aspirants should start their preparation from the very beginning of Class

XI. Usually, students join coaching classes to get help and a proper

direction in their studies. These coaching institutes deliver

examination-oriented (caching, targeting the specific competitive

examination. But due to time constraint/mismanagement, students are not able

to spare sufficient time at home for self study which helps them in

understanding the study material and its applications. This does not give

them enough confidence to appear in the competitive examination.

Needless to mention here, a systematic and regular preparation is very

important to achieve success in the IIT-JEE. Once a particular topic is

learnt in school, the students should attempt the concerned objective and

subjective questions in that topic to gain better understanding of the

subject matter. In this regard, the present book is very useful as I provides

plenty of such questions. Besides the problems pertaining to the subject

matter, most of the chapters art supplemented with the advanced-level

problems along with their solutions. These will help the students extend thei

knowledge of the chapter to the closely related problems of advanced level...........

        Best Of Luck.......

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3 years ago

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hlo sir
peease write complete questions, we recieved your message if you are testing for the first time, please post your questions only from next time............
Sher Mohammad 11 days ago
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Aziz Alam 8 days ago
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Hello Dear student, You should have got the transaction details from your account, print the transaction refrence number and send or upload it.............................
Sher Mohammad 11 days ago
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sir should I do bansal materials first or arihant jee ad and mains?
Go for Bansal materials first. It’s designed in a way to develop the concepts slowly and gradually take you to JEE Advanced level. Thanks &Regards Aziz Alam IIT Roorkee askIITians...
Aziz Alam 11 days ago
go with askiitians material it prepared by iitians and you can ask direct doubts with askiitians team, i thingk going with arithant jee is a good idea.
Sher Mohammad 6 days ago
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