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                   i am presently studying in NIT surathkal. my branch is ECE. I secured an AIR of 6324(912-obc) in JEE 2011. i might get chem in all IITs xcept IITb, and civil in all IITs.please suggest me what to do. give me some idea about dual degree courses.

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


IITB civil

IITD chem

Dual Degree = Btech+Mtech in 5 years

generally higher package /faster recruitment/more % of recruitment(not always)

3 years ago

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yes the answer is 1,8/4(3-1)=4(3-1)=4(2)=8,8/8=1
d.kojalrani 3 months ago
solve bu BOD MASS rule. 1 is the ansr.
vikas yadav 3 months ago
then th equestion will be like this yaar (8÷4)(3-1) =? then the answer is 2*2=4
SRUTI 3 months ago
Ma Sc category rank is 21069. Any nit is available at this rank in whole india?
Yes, It may be quite possible, but my opinion is to check out the current status of all the leading IITs and NIts to find out wher you have broken into or you can also check out the status...
Soneel Verma 2 days ago
I have got 89 marks in JEE mains and 76.45% in gujarat board. What will be my predicted AIR?
There are minimal cances to get qualified with the given marks range.
Avinash 21 days ago
Use rank predictor
Saurabh Kumar 21 days ago
Your JEE score as well as board score is not much encouraging if you are a candidate with general category, if you have a category, then there may be some hope, anyway, i will suggest to...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 11 days ago
Hello, i am expecting a rank of about 13000 in jee mains. Can i get LNMIIT ? I only want CSE. Which better colleges can i go for?? My HS is J&K. But, i dont want NIT-Srinagar
AT THE RANK OF 13000 , in my opinion uw ill get lnmiit also u can try for other nits , may be spot round bacomes helpful for u i reccomend u not to give more preference to stream , give...
ng29 one month ago
@ ayushman hey dude admission r closed for vit and srm.What r u saying?
mohit vashishtha 24 days ago
II think with the rank that you have got, you may be able to make it at LNIT, buit if you wish to m,ake a choice and want to try at other places too, you may visit the official websites of...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 24 days ago
i have secured 94.4 % in 12 th board and my jee main marks is 66..can i get any govt college for btech program?????
Hi DO you have any category reservation ; if not then with a heavy heart I must say that your rank won’t help you in getting a decent college.
Sunil Kumar 17 days ago
There is only one chance if you come under sc/st category.If not then try to get in top privite universities like BITS, Pilani,lovely professional university,cbit. which provide you...
tiny 14 days ago
if you belong to sc/st category then you have chances but if not you should try in top private universities like bits,lovely professional university, srm university
sajid 14 days ago
Why broad wooden sleepers are placed below the rails????
Broad wooden sleepers are placed below the rails to Reduce pressure exerted by the train.
Jitender Pal 6 years ago
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