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                   i have just finished my boards, IS it necessary yo join a coaching classes for iit entrance exams ?

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear student,

No it is not necessary to join any coaching class at this point of time....

4 years ago

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which book should i go with for maths
Check link for the preferred books
Avinash yesterday
P is the remainder when each of the numbers 478, 392, and 263 is divided by N, where N is an integer greater than 1. The value of N – P is: (A) 5 (B) 28 (C) 33 (D) 38
(478-P) , (392-P) and (263-P) should be divisible by N. If 2 numbers are divisible by N, then their difference is also divisble by N. Hene, (478-P)-(392-P) is divisible by N. And,...
Akshay 5 days ago
thanks a lot Mr. Akshay . your answer really helped a lot. May i know, which standard you are in, if you don't mind. thanks again.
vindhya 5 days ago
(478-P) , (392-P) and (263-P) should be divisible by N. If 2 numbers are divi
Akshay 5 days ago
i got 210 in mains(2015) ,but got only 122 in advanced(2015) due to headache.should i wait for another year and write jee or join nit or triple(i) t (board-466,(obc-ncl)
Yes, your category will help you in getting a good rank here. For more details you can use :
Sunil Kumar one month ago
You will get a good rank. You must not take any tension. You have done the hard work. You will be able to get into a good IIT with a good branch.
Sunil Kumar one month ago
Hi This year itself you will be able to get a good rank in IIT. It won’t be required to sit for next year.
Sunil Kumar one month ago
which is the best nit in northeast, please answer sir?
Rourkela, Patna, Arunachal Pradesh, Agartala, Durgapur
Vijay Mukti 4 days ago
Solving Physics problems had been such a difficult thing for me that even after qualifying JEE-ADV it remains.What is the perfect strategy to solve a Physics problem?What must be the...
I guess you need a procedure to solve the problems such that to get it correct but not highly concerned about branch. If I am right first and foremost thing you should do is to get perfect...
Avinash 13 days ago
You can choose any branch you want. When you go to graduation level the kind of study and practical sesssions makes you more clear about physics. Most of the times it becomes a practial...
Avinash 14 days ago
What is the strategy? Your answer is dissatisfactory
R K YASHASVI 13 days ago
NIT rourkela dual degree CSE placements
Good placements for specially CSE department. You can visit their official website.
Vijay Mukti 3 days ago
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