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A gentleman invites a party of 10 guests to a dinner and places 6 of them at one table and the remaining 4 at another , the tables being round . the number of ways in which he can arrange the guests is ........?

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Number of ways in which he can divide the group in size of 6 and 4 is 6C4

each group can be arranged in (6-1)!+(4-1)! ways

therefore total number of ways = 6C4 x ( 5!+3!)

4 years ago

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i am using arihant objective mathematics by amit m agarwal,ml khanna & a das gupta. are these enough for my jee advanced exam preparation or i need to use some more?
Yes, these books are enough for prepration, after this attempt a test series..
Saurabh Kumar 6 days ago
These are good books,try to cover all topics and do atleast two different problems from each concept, There are top unioversities which provide excellent placement opportunities,top...
abhinaipadachuru 5 days ago
these are enough for iit jee
Ajay Kotwal 6 days ago
is 10 matks required for iit jee exams or jee mains?
Year of passing of class 12 th makes the difference not 10 th . You have two chances, the year you appear for 12 th and year later....
Aziz Alam 8 months ago
Aziz Alam 8 months ago
sir i have appered for my 10 in 2013 but fue to some reasons i discontinued this year and now im gona write my iit exam in 2016 will it make any difference
vignesh 8 months ago
IITJEE(Advanced 2015) : Reduction in cut off to 24.5% cannot be made midway after declaring in the brochure at 35%. This prejudices thousands of students who scored between 24.5% and 29% in ...
lol....... ur argument is purely illogical the first crack in ur logic is comparing mains with advanced acording to brocher cutoff must be 35% that may b ri8 but wn iit exam is conducted...
Nicho priyatham 12 days ago
No, argument is not illogical. The trend of cut off in mains vs advanced must be in one direction for all categories.... If a SC-PWD student can be expected to get 12.5% from -7%, then why...
Why Disparity 12 days ago
stop comparing mains and advanced now both can never be compared they huv got a lot of difference in their standard i told u b4 and i am saying u now cutoffs are not decided on feelings or...
Nicho priyatham 12 days ago
supose my prference list is as folows: in nit warangal in nit suratkal in nit allahabad in rourkela in nit durgapur but in first round counselling i got ee in...
warangal > suratkal>allahabad>durgapur>rourkela but take whichever you get all are good.
Abhinav 28 days ago
of course u are eligible for upgradation of stram in next round but i prefer u dont fill streams if u dont want them , as they may create problem for u u had to leave ur seat if u want to...
ng29 28 days ago
Yes you are clearly eligible, there may be other options too – SASTRA Uni,Thanjavur Lovely Professional Uni, Phagwara Jabalpur Engg College, Jabalpur GB Pant Govt Engg College,Delhi
Ayushmaan Vardhan 26 days ago
my rank is 609 OBC. iitb chem is better or i should go to iit roorkee and iit kharagpur for other core branches
Hi Your preference should be in the order of : 1. IIT B 2. IIT KGP 3. IIT Roorkee
Sunil Kumar 13 days ago
What is modular programming??
Modular programming can be used to break up a large program into manageable units, or to create code that can be easily re-used. A modular program consists of a main module and one or more...
Deepak Patra 6 years ago
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