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is the iit jee2010 is published or not ,  if yes where shall i can view the same. As per iit 2010 results  the performance of candidates will be available from 03 june 2010 , but in spite of my long surfing i could not get it please help me to get the same

4 years ago


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is nit admission is based on category rank or air rank bcz they have given cut off for different category
Based on AIR in individual cat. Also, the state reservation would be considered.
Saurabh Kumar yesterday
Does not matter as AIR rank for category goes higher than general.
Abhinav yesterday
0my age is 19 and i m giving 12 th in state board exam next i elligible for jee advance 2015
EE Main 2014 Eligibility Criteria 1. Pass Percentage in Qualifying Examination: Candidates must have studied Physics,Mathematics as compulsory subjects They must have studied any one of the...
Sher Mohammad 10 months ago
For JEE 2014 the eligibility criteria for admission, in context of age was: Born on or after 1stOctober 1989. So for JEE 2015 you can have the idea about the exact date, i.e.,Born on or...
Aziz Alam 10 months ago
What are two similarities between a DC motor and an AC generator?
They both rely on the principle of electromagnetic in induction. The both contain coils of wire magnets or electromagnets and they both have rotating parts. The AC generator will probably...
Abhishek Kumar 2 months ago
Ironically, a DC motor/generator has to have a commutator or electronic circuit that constantly switches the windings while an AC motor/generator has a constant connection between the power...
vikas yadav 2 months ago
parts.The AC generator will probably work as an AC motor and the DC motor will probably work as a DC generator.The AC generator will turn rotational energy into electrical energy with an...
vikas yadav one month ago
What are the most scoring topics in physical chemistry ?
The chapter on mole concept is most important. There are other chapters : Stoichiometry : This was the most difficult chapter for me because I couldn't decipher the secrets of this chapter...
Rinkoo Gupta one year ago
sir my jee mains score is 114. i am from gen category from orrisa. expecting above 90% in cbse class 12.can i expect NIT.
admission in nit is on the basis of rank which includes both jee main score and cbse percentage ur board percent id good but score in jee main is just line of cut off so chances of nit are...
ng29 14 days ago
but u know since u r from orissa, and very few people qualify from there so ur state rank will be within 1000s. so try ur luck at nit rourkela
Sagnik Bhowmick 12 days ago
is anurag mishra good for jee physics?
Dear Student, Yes its good. Specially the solutions part. Thanks
Nishant Vora one month ago
of course anurag mishra is VERY GOOD for iit exam as it contain all type of questions with varying diificulty level also there is theory explained and topic wise questions along with theory...
ng29 one month ago
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