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My rank is 4003 in IIT JEE in 2010. which branch i will get in Hyderabad and pilani

5 years ago


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Hi all, Now that I have just finished my board exams, and after a break of 3 weeks, I now plan to start my JEE preparation. I have purchased a no. of books for it and joined coaching as...
first of all rd sharma is not good book for preparation for iit exam u must prefer cengage publications books for maths , it is awesome and contains good quantity of questions with good...
ng29 2 months ago
@ng29, Thanks for the answer(approved!). However, I do know that RD Sharma is not for IIT. I only intend to use it as a stepping stone from NCERT to books like Hall Knight and GN Berman....
Amartya 2 months ago
Make NCERT books as a base and get previous years’ question papers and assignments etc so that you may practice them and come across the style of question paper, plus you need to surf on...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 8 days ago
I am an obc candidate. if i get 200 marks in jee advanced. will i be getting admission in iit colleges. also can i get computerscience in iit colleges.
IITs expectations are too high, doubt you have scored very well...umm..You better visit the websites of IITs and some other chosen one institutions where you feel like you may get...
Soneel Verma one month ago
There may be a chance but you need to try at some other institutions with a good image. the relevant information may be fished out by visiting website, i suggest MS Ramaiah Inst Of Tech...
Soneel Verma one month ago
well these pvt colleges r of no use. yes shivam yadav u will get IIT BHU computer science
Sagnik Bhowmick one month ago
IITJEE(Advanced 2015) : Reduction in cut off to 24.5% cannot be made midway after declaring in the brochure at 35%. This prejudices thousands of students who scored between 24.5% and 29% in ...
lol....... ur argument is purely illogical the first crack in ur logic is comparing mains with advanced acording to brocher cutoff must be 35% that may b ri8 but wn iit exam is conducted...
Nicho priyatham 12 days ago
No, argument is not illogical. The trend of cut off in mains vs advanced must be in one direction for all categories.... If a SC-PWD student can be expected to get 12.5% from -7%, then why...
Why Disparity 11 days ago
stop comparing mains and advanced now both can never be compared they huv got a lot of difference in their standard i told u b4 and i am saying u now cutoffs are not decided on feelings or...
Nicho priyatham 11 days ago
if i am not a ble to clear cutt off but hold etter rank due to class 12 performance where i will got a seat
If you are not able to get cut off there are rare chances of getting in NIT’s. So try to get scholarship from top universities which provide scholarship,excellent placement opporunities....
abhinaipadachuru 5 days ago
you can get admission in the colgs which are listed in the JoSSa-2015 but not good ones
Prajwal Kavad 4 days ago
rank is calculated on combination of BOTH JEE MAIN SCORE AND BOARD PERCENTAGE
ng29 2 months ago
what should i do whether solve the previous year questions or read the ncert textbook
kindly,read the ncert thorough
vinisha 18 hours ago
When will the All India rank of jee mains 2015 be declared? 24th june or 7 th july?
It is still uncleared about the result date, jee adv choice filling options would reamin open till 25 th june.. You should wait till 25 th of june..
Saurabh Kumar 13 days ago
It is still uncleared. All u need patience to wait.
Avinash 13 days ago
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