Please arrange in order the following:

Msc in old IIT> New IIT> biotech in BHU> chemical in BITS, Pilani> ECE in BITS, Pilani, GOA> ECE in NIT Roukela

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


ECE in BITS, Pilani, GOA>chemical in BITS, Pilani>New IIT>Msc in old IIT>biotech in BHU> ECE in NIT Roukela

4 years ago

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hello sir ….. i m a student of 10+2 non medical i want to crack IIT 2015......can u give me some tips?
If you want to crack JEE 2015, then you should have proper time management skills, i.e. you need work efficiently. Give proper time to each topic and to each subject. Don’t prioritise...
Aziz Alam 3 months ago
AIR 282000 category rank- 90000
The link below is IIT JEE Main Branch and College Predictor.You can use it to get the answer to your query. Thanks...
Aziz Alam 3 months ago
which are the most most important books for iit jee ? please tell me ??
Organic Chemistry: O.P Tandon/Ranjeet Shai Inorganic Chemistry: J.D Lee (adapted version by S. Guha) Physical Chemistry: ??? Physics: D.C Pandey Feynman Lectures on Physics Maths: Vikas Rahi...
Yashas 8 days ago
Give me the solution please.
Please specify the equation or complete the question. In general, a quadratic eqn ax^2 +bx+c=0 will have real roots if D>or =0 here D=b^2-4ac I’ll be able to help you further if you...
Ravi 14 days ago
A small cube of mass m slides down a circular path of radius R cut into a larger block of mass M, as shown in the figure. M rests on a table, and both blocks move without friction. The...
Dear student, We dont have the figure given with the question. So if we assume that a small cube starts from the top of a semi circular path, we would have the following: Hence, we have: ....
Sumit Majumdar 2 months ago
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