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a screen is placed 40 cm away from illuminated object.a converging lens is placed b/w the source and screen and it is attempted2 form image of the source on the screen.If no position could be formedbe formed, focal lens of lens is

a)  <10cm

b)  >20cm

c)  <20cm

d) >10cm


6 years ago


Answers : (1)


(1/u)+(1/(40-u))=1/f,upon doing the easy algebra and simplifying, we get; u^2 -40u+40f=0, if no solution can be formed the quadratic equation in u has no real roots implying that its discriminant is negative, 1600<160f, f>10cm

6 years ago

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According to Newton’s third law, every force is accompanied by an equal and opposite force. How can a movement ever take place?
dear hanuma, Action and reaction act on two different bodies. Hence movement of each body is due to either action or reaction.
SAI SARDAR 2 months ago
waht is law of conseravation of angular momentum...............?
“The law of Conservation of angular momentum” states that when the net external torque acting on a system is zero,the total angular momentum of the system is constant.
Jangam Mohan 2 months ago
dear pawan, Angular momentum of a rotating body remains constant when no external torque acting on it.
SAI SARDAR 2 months ago
What is the least size of the antennae for radiating wave of wavelength lamda?
The least size of the antennae for radiating wave of wavelength lambda is one-fourth of the wavelength that is, lambda/4 . Hope you understand my solution . ALL THE BEST..
Adarsh 2 months ago
The bob of a simple pendulum is a hollow sphere filled with water. How will the period of oscillation change, if the water begins to drain out of the hollow sphere?
dear donga, If water begins to drain out of the hollow sphere, its centre of mass begins to shift below the centre of the sphere. Hence the length of the pendulum increases and time period...
2017 years ago
what is the mutual conductance........please expain it?
Dear Sreenivas, Mutual conductance is the magnetic flux is created in one coil influenced by the another coil present in magnetic field.
SAI SARDAR 8 months ago
The phenomenone in which an emf is induced in the secondary coil due to the change of magnetic flux in the primary coil
Prabhakar ch 8 months ago
calculate the frequency of the fundamental note produced by a string 1 m long and weighing 2 g kept stretched by a load 400 kg
the fundamental frequency is =[(200000)^1/2]/2 =223.6 hz I think iam correct. if u have any further doubts please post them. thank u.
Gosula Madhukar one month ago
direct substitution answer.. :) f=?, l=1m, T(tension)=400N, m(=mass/length)=2*10 -3 ...substitute..u get the answer.. :)
Elton one month ago
FIND THE EQUIVALENT RESISTANCE(ATTACHED IMAGE)..............................................
Should Be 10 Ohm as Both the resistors are in Series. We know, The Eq Resistence of two resistors connected in series is simply their algebraic sum.
Gunreet 3 months ago
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