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  • Kinematics & Rotational Motion
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Plane Mirrors

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


Perhaps our most familiar optical experience is looking into a mirror. Figure shows a point of source of light O, which we call the object, placed a distance o in front of a plane mirror. The light that falls on the mirror is represented by ray emanating from O. *at the point at which each ray strikes the mirror we construct a reflected ray, using the law of reflection. If we extend the reflected ray backward, they intersect at a point I, which we call the image of the object O. the image is the same distance behind the mirror that the object o is in front of it, which we prove below.

Images of diverging light in plane mirrors are always virtual. We know from daily experience how “real” such a virtual image appears to be and how definite is its location in the space behind the mirror, even though this space may, in fact, be occupied by a brick wall.

7 years ago

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A tungsten wire of length 20cm is stretched by 0.1 cm. Find the strain on the wire
strain is given as: strain = natural length/(change in length) = 20cm/0.1cm = 200 This would be strain.
2017 years ago
A horse has to pull harder during the start of the motion than later. Explain?
dear hanuma, Static friction is more than kinetic friction. Hence the horse has to pull the cart harder during start of the cart.
SAI SARDAR one month ago
EXPERTS PLZ HELP ME Is the moment of inertia of disc and ring are (mr 2 )/2 and mr 2 respectively?? and if yes how can the moment of inetial of ring greater than that of disc ??
Yes, its true. The moment of inertia of a disc and a ring about an axis perpendicular to their plane are and resspectively. Here you have to notice in both the cases we are taking the mass...
Shaswata Biswas 25 days ago
See the moment of inertia is proportional to r 2, for same mass ,as the mass is concentrated more farther from the ring it will have greater moment of inertia.
Piyush Behera 5 days ago
two coils of self-inductance 2 mH and 8 mH are placed so close together that the effective flux in one coil is completely linked with the other, the mutual inductance between these coils...
The effective flux in one coil => Simple answer would be: M = root(L1L2) => root(2*8) = > root(16) = 4mH.
Vikas TU 16 days ago
what is field?
But in general , Field in basically a region in which a particluar influence acts, Could be electric, magnetic, gravitational. A particular object produces it’s field and when other objects ...
Neeti one year ago
Could you be a little more specific? Which field are you referring to? Electric? magnetic?
Neeti one year ago
what is the scope of GATE exam?
Gowher Maqbool one year ago
describe the formation of magnetic field during current flowing
dear kousik, the magnatic field is described by the right hand thumb rule when current flowing place your right hand thumb in the direction of the current and curl the ramaining fingers in...
SURESH 9 months ago
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  • Kinematics & Rotational Motion
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