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shalini goyal Grade: 12

Q))Two equal chargs are ixed at x=a and x=-a on d axis.anodr pt charge Q is placed at d orign.The change in d electric potential energy of Q,when it is displaced by a small distance x along d x-axis, is approximately proportional to....





6 years ago

Answers : (2)

shalini goyal
37 Points

kindly give me the answer f dis ques....m tired of posting ques here....widou geettin ne answer!!

6 years ago
Abhijeet Chakravarty
15 Points

Initial Energy:

K Qq/a

Final Energy

K qq*2a/(a*a-x*x)

Change in energy: Final energy-initial energy

= KQq [2*x*x/(a*a-x*x)a]

The x square term in the denominator can be neglected...So the change in energy is proportional to X square.


The corredc answer is (b)

6 years ago
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