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Two cells A and B of e.m.f 1.3 V and 1.5 V resp are arranged as shown in the figure. The voltmeter reads 1.45 V. The voltmeter is assumed to be ideal. Then show that r 1 = 3 r2 .

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


Let I be current in circuit and E1=1.3V and E2=1.5V  and E = 1.45V

by kirchoffs laws

(E2-E1)-I(R1+R2) = 0

and E = E2 - IR2

so , 0.05 = IR             .........(1)

      0.20=I(R1+R2)        .........(2)

on solvine above 2 eqns, we have R1 = 3R2 




7 years ago

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