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Is M L Khanna the perfect book for IIT-JEE?If not ,then which one is perfect?

4 years ago


Answers : (4)


You may prefer many books, all are good ones like irodov or DC Pandey for physics and Arihant books for Chem. or OP Tondon's organic and for maths Arihant and Different authors book for diff, Units of maths are also available. For Beginning Start with objective RD Sharma

4 years ago

some teachers say that it is good bt some says that it is very old book so there is no new questions etc and should try new books.

you can try TMH( tata mcgraw hills) or A das gupta for good practise. these are very good books.


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4 years ago

Dear Apoorv,

 ML Khanna is good!!!!!!!!  But also check Tata McGraw Hill (TMH)!!!!!


               Good Luck!!!!!!!!


 Plz. approve my answer by lciking 'Yes' given below!!!!!!!  Plz. Plz. Plz.!!!!!!! Don't forget!!!!!Wink

4 years ago

Nah dont go for that


Better go for A Dasgupta its the best book for iitjee


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4 years ago

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Can u tell me about competion held in class 10 (PCM) like olympiads , international exam in which i can take part as an individual. I study in cbse school and going to class 10 this year?
You can also give, NBO, NIMO, Silverzone olympiod, Geogenius and NLSTSE. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 4 months ago
Dear Student, You can prepare for Olympid (Maths and Science), KVPY, NTSE. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 4 months ago
Mr vijay mukhti i know them they comman ones and am preparing for them. But tell me about any other olympiads or competions?
Yash tripathi 4 months ago
how can i get admission in dtu my board pecentage is 70 how much i have to score in jee mains to get dtu
Dear Student, Please check the cutoff marks for the previous years for DTU and get hte idea form there. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 3 months ago
NARAYANA 3 months ago
How to prepare for the bank and other competitive exams if i have less time?
hello friend i can tell you a magic to crack maths in banking exams just take maths ncert books of class 5- class 10 after that you will become a genius in maths that come in banking exams...
SAHIL one month ago
you have to prepare easy and most important have less time not to prepare new chapter and previous chapters rivision and more this work definetly you will success...
sudarshan 3 months ago
you have to concentrate on your goal. There is less time so you have to recall what you have studied in the privious so all the best for your future
naresh raju 4 months ago
which is better iiest mining or vit cse?
Saurabh Kumar 10 months ago
Whenever you are stuck n a fix whether to choose quality conscious college of monetary benefit based collge then a comparson and contrast is justified, but here in your case both the...
Soneel Verma 10 months ago
Please explain how to manage time when writing exam?
You can read the questions ready which is easier at the time of reading time. Then when the exam starts you can write the ones you know. Don’t waste time thinking about a particular...
ANAMIKA S KUMAR 2 months ago
whem you are writing a exam , firstly how many questions you know ,notice the question and write that which question do you very well .you have complete that questions , remaning questions...
hemanth 2 months ago
Dear Mahesh Babu, In exam you have to write the answer the questions which you know.And you have to write the answers for how many marks thats enough.Don’t write extra matter in the...
SAI SARDAR 2 months ago
Which of the following branch is better (in DTU): Engineering Physics OR Polymer Science and Chemical Technology in terms of placements and future scope.
Is engineering physics somehow related to electronics???
AKSHAY SHARMA 10 months ago
in terms of placement go for engineering physics
vb 10 months ago
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