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				   pls tell which test series brilliants or fiitjee has question at par with iit jee

7 years ago


Answers : (1)



FIITJEE test series is a better option than brilliants , coz more students participate in it and therefore u get more competition and helps u build confidence. But there are some questions that are not in JEE syllabus but in FIITJEE study material , so when u do not know question that seem unfamiliar then do not panic.

FIITJEE test series are of the same pattern as JEE and almost conducted for all the centres of FIITJEE all over india.

7 years ago

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Which one is better for me CSE in IIT Bhubaneswar or ECE in IIIT Hyderabad? I am equally inclined to both CSE and ECE.
@ saidinesh Take cse at iit bhubaneswar , beacuse as iit bbsr is a new one also , it have oppurtunity in these 2 years to come up . and as far as iiit hyderabad is concerned that also is a...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
Dear Student, this is purely a matter of your personal choice as per your area of interest. Both the institutions are equally good in almost all the respects. Have you been allotted or...
Aneesh Sehgal 3 months ago
I perform well in Chemistry while giving mock test for JEE and poor in Physics, while at scholl exams I perform good at Physics and average in Chemistry. How should I balance both at both...
@ mudit that is the main problem , you are cramming physics , not understanding it . see, in school exams they test your representation skill , so, if anyone can cram a concept and then...
Umakant biswal 21 days ago
I am in Class 12. I want a complete study plan for maths. How should i study in order to have good score in boards. My aim is to get 90+. List all important topics with most important...
@ shreyas in maths , main thing is the calculus section , in board there u will find difficulties . here i am enlisting some of the imp topics from various chap 1- BAYES THEORAM ( BALL...
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i want to do food production and bakery course in hotel management some vocationally so i want to know some details about that courses and uses of those courses also
Bangalore Goa and kolkata are good place for it. You can check website of Indian Baking institute in bangalore locataed near double road.
Adil Khan 3 months ago
any age requirment for jee iit ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
@ anurag yes , for jee mains there is a criteria , that is 25 years , but if any catagory attached in your name , then it will be 5 year relaxation . and in the case of jee advanced , there ...
Umakant biswal 20 days ago
what is the meaning of java is platform independent language? what is it significance?
Java solves the problem of platform-independence by using byte code. The Java compiler does not produce native executable code for a particular machine like a C compiler would. Instead it...
Shane Macguire 7 years ago
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  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: R 15,000
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