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				   how can i achieve my goal of iit-jee

6 years ago


Answers : (2)


WORK HARD in a qualitative way.nothing is impossible.try to read each and every concept in deappth.understand classroom teaching clearly.dont try to mug d concept understand IIT JEE is not asking lengthy questions they r only asking questions on d concept only in physics chem and maths .try to remember the important formulae on condition that u should b capable of deriving it at any time



              Step:1 class room notes 

              step:2 H.C.verma vol 1&2 including each and every IIT JEE 2010 who worked complete H.C.Verma scored 100+

              step;2after completion of H.C.verma go to D.C.pandey(ARIHANT) 5 book volume including each and eveyy example and exercise problem.good conceptual questions are given in d book.


              step 1: NCERT books each and every line

              step 2:arihant organic chemistry;P. Bahadur neumerical chemistry

              step 3:do any objective book(not arihant).


              step 1: do ur maths text book either +1 or +2

              step 2: solve any of ur state level compititive exam book or any maths objective on AIEEE

              step 3:das guta complete.

                             ................................ALL  THE BEST FOR UR BRIGHT FUTURE...................

6 years ago

work hard. always feel motivated. keep goal in mind. proceed with confidence. 

dont think that iit will give you name and fame. remember the message of "3 idiots". study for excellence.

feel each topic u r studying. set it deep in mind.


follow good books...e.g.

1. chem. ncert , o.p.tondon

2. maths arihant

3. phy. arihant, hcv

all the best.



6 years ago

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for iit-jee advanced , i want to know that ,both class 11 and 12 std syllabus are there or not,what are the syllabus for pcm in iit jee advanced.
@ xavier as per the current notofication , in jee advanced u will face questions of both 11 th and 12 th , but this year there will be a planning to do the one single exam for mains and...
Umakant biswal 2 months ago
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fuck you nugget piece of shit ffffsafasfasfasfasfkksfasfafasfasfasfass ssfsafsfafasfsfasfasfsafahsue5kjfk
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How to be more perfect in solving numericals of physics in 12 th board exams.
In the preparation before examination 01.​Prepare a list of derivations, formulae and experiments in the syllabus and keep them handy 02.Revise all the Concepts regularly 03.Solve each and...
Santosh Datla 3 months ago
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Umakant biswal 3 months ago
is one year preparation enough to get a medical seat?
@ abhishek that depends upon your intrest and modes of preparation .. getting a seat in medical is not so easy , but if u have read ncert throughly and also practiced the mock test paper ,...
Umakant biswal 5 months ago
Hi, depends on how you studied your two years. but if your given the right coaching and concepts you can do it. Also, you must sweat blood to get there.. Thank u, BEST OF LUCK JEHOYESJIRA
Beenu Mathew 5 months ago
hello sir i want to addmision on AMU so How to preper On thi Exam I am 12 th Pass
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  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
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