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thanks for quick reply just reply one last question soon is there any benefit of iit while taking admission in aieee college m hoping for vnit nagpur what wud be its cutoff dis year for sc category plss reply now n thanks for quick reply

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Anushri ,

There is no camparison of engineering from old IIT's  .. If you getting a good rank in any of old iit's then go for that .. and if you don get then comes NIT's which are good after IITs ..

You can check out the the VNIT nagpur cutoff:

Branch Name Quota Allotted Under Category Opening Rank Closing Rank

Chemical Engineering AI OB 17116 18522

AI OP 8413 12533

AI OPPH 214224 214224

AI SC 70804 77580

AI ST 126650 133802

HS OB 19134 22373

HS OP 12852 15879

HS SC 81947 86708

HS ST 206310 220938

Civil Engineering AI OB 15378 16841

AI OP 8052 10465

AI OPPH 191930 191930

AI SC 22282 65569

AI ST 97765 104111

HS OB 18102 20813

HS OBPH 356582 356582

HS OP 10572 14263

HS OPPH 344732 344732

HS SC 71117 79197

HS ST 166662 222587

Computer Science & Engineering AI OB 6187 8005

AI OP 2184 4654

AI OPPH 24797 24797

AI SC 29083 40662

AI ST 63212 85947

HS OB 9112 14850

HS OP 5057 7368

HS OPPH 187219 187219

HS SC 41530 49252

HS ST 104385 133500

Electronics & Communication Engineering AI OB 6344 7706

AI OBPH 120470 120470

AI OP 2166 4842

AI OPPH 41929 41929

AI SC 14787 42164

AI ST 71816 81073

HS OB 8558 13755

HS OP 5274 8184

HS OPPH 213616 213616

HS SC 43897 53247

HS ST 104374 112644

Electrical & Electronics Engineering AI OB 8721 11193

AI OP 4912 6101

AI OPPH 84216 84216

AI SC 33791 50407

AI ST 85990 90161

HS OB 14321 16868

HS OP 6409 8944

HS SC 54559 60572

HS ST 158376 159364

Mechanical Engineering AI OB 10267 11579

AI OP 1769 7177

AI OPPH 88680 88680

AI SC 42680 55505

AI ST 89532 89532

HS OB 11621 17090

HS OP 7374 10004

HS OPPH 202303 202303

HS SC 56360 69837

HS ST 134319 148756

Mining Engineering AI OB 24758 24758

AI OP 14720 17925

AI SC 82299 103778

AI ST 95706 95706

HS OB 27060 27060

HS OP 18804 20728

HS SC 112037 118708

HS ST 257865 257865

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering AI OB 19479 21426

AI OP 11550 15625

AI SC 76311 98256

AI ST 167553 183900

HS OB 21445 26950

HS OP 15936 18077

HS OPPH 424860 424860

HS SC 98828 111184

HS ST 228536 239463

All the Best !!


6 years ago

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kindly let me know the cutoff for assam medical entrance examination 2015.
@ aakansha there is a criteria of 50 percent of the total marks decided by the dibrugarh university. i think thats the cutoff , still prev year it was that , i mean in 2015 , but not sure...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
Dear Akanksha why don’t you visit the official website of the institution and get to know the cutoff, merit list and also your stature there whether you ar eable to secure a seat there or...
Aneesh Sehgal 3 months ago
I am in Class 12. I want a complete study plan for maths. How should i study in order to have good score in boards. My aim is to get 90+. List all important topics with most important...
@ shreyas in maths , main thing is the calculus section , in board there u will find difficulties . here i am enlisting some of the imp topics from various chap 1- BAYES THEORAM ( BALL...
2017 years ago
Please any iit topper suggest me the ways of getting rank 1 in iit jee advanced …. trust i can do each and evrything to get rank 1... ia am a sincere student... plz.. help how can i do that ...
@ arjun Kindly mention in which class u are in now – 11 th or 12 th . so, that i can give you a proper plan on how to get AIR 1 . although its a tough task to get AIR 1 in jee advanced as...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
I am in class 11.... thank you for your answer but still i need some more tips elder brother.
Arjun 3 months ago
I am in 11 class and i want to take marine engineering at iit mumbai...what should be my rank in iit jee to get marine engineering...
@ rishi marine engg falls at the 6 th imp branch in the iit madras , so, ur rank to be within 6500-7200 CRL to get marine engg at iit madras , for that do hrdwork from right now , and donot ...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
why mbbs cource is very cosly cource?how to reduce this?
Dear Kumar A medical college offers graduate degree Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery ( MBBS ). Only institutions offering MBBS course in its curriculum are referred to as a...
Prabhakar ch 9 months ago
Hello kumar, MBBS is a very costly course because of Rare colleges and universities in our very very rich persons cando this MBBS course.
Gowri sankar 9 months ago
mbbs is very costly in our country because ther are very few cooleges or universities in our very rich persons can do this course.
N JYOTHEESWAR 9 months ago
Sir which of these would be better BITS Goa CS, IIT BHU Chemical Engineering or ISM CS if palcement & packages are to be considered
If palcements & packages are to be considered CS would take first place everywhere, all the time
Avinash one year ago
CS id always ahead in terms of placement with respect to other branches. Also BITS goa has good coding culture
vb one year ago
so sir in your suggestion CS from which of these would be the best: ISM, BITS, DTU, NSIT
Mehul Bhatia one year ago
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