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f(x) = [sin(cosx) - cosx] / (Π-2x)2    , x is not Π/2

         k  ,x=Π/2

is continuos at x= Π/2 then k is equal to ?


6 years ago


Answers : (1)


f(x) is continuous at x=pi/2   so left hand limit is equal to right hand limit is equal to value of function at given pt

   so the left hand limiting value is found by applying L-Hopital''s rule three times.....the limit value is equal to k

it is functional value

3 years ago

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Please define the interval by this image according to application of derivative
The question is incomplete, did you forget to attach the image.........................................................
Ajay 2 months ago
find the equation of normal to the curve y 2 =2x which passes through the point (2,1)
The equation of normal to the curve y 2 =2x which passes through the point (2,1) is y = EXP(2-x). Hint : dy/dx is replaced by -dx/dy.
Kumar one month ago
find dy/dx if y=e xloga +e alogx +e aloga
since i have told earlier the formula so here y=a x +x a +a a therefore dy/dx=a x log a+ax a-1 +a a log a
Revti Raman one year ago
Proved that acosA+bcosB+ccosC=2asinBsinC please help sir
Use properties of triangles. let area of triangle be Ar. Then bcsinA= casinB = absinC = 2Ar thus write all sin terms in terms of Ar. and also use a/sinA = b/sinB = c/sinC = k.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
suggest me the best book for preparition of iit nd board exams too....
Please refer to our website to see the complete list of books to be refered for each subject topic wise. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
for prparation of iit and board exams, refer to ncert books as well as R.D sharma for maths. you can also opt for MCQ book provided by RS agarwal. read these books and i'm sure they'll help ...
vindhya one year ago
Can anyone solve vector question asap and provide the solution
Nishant Vora 6 months ago
the answer fr your question is -5 that will come by solving the problem by the principles of dot product of vectors and cross product f vector
Prabhakar ch 6 months ago
DEAR,...... vectors are the simple and the logic concept, and it is so simple , i can solve the questions from this chapter.
mohan 6 months ago
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