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im little weak in differential exam im not sure if i could solve question or not....i dont get where to start in spite of having practice...what should i do?

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Shruti,

Try to work hard on thise questions in these days

Try to take help from some teachers who can solve your doubts on that particular topic,

Work hard on 3 things, Basics, Doubts and Speed

Hope that can help you


3 years ago

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Question is attached in image ….jitendra Sir explain this solution. I will follow your method but I want this too In = dn-1/dxn-1 [xn-1 + nxn-1 log x ] In = (n-1) dn-2 / dx n-2 xn-2 + n dn-1...
Hello student, Please find answer to your question …........(1) Put this in equation (1), we have
Jitender Singh 7 months ago
Jitendra Sir Can u explain me second step ....
milind 7 months ago
Second of answer ….please explain …..please
milind 7 months ago
Find d/dx tan -1 √1+sinx/1-sins; 0
tan -1 √1+sinx/1-sinsx = tan -1 √(cos 2 x/2 + sin 2 x/2 + 2*sinx/2*cosx/2)/(cos 2 x/2 + sin 2 x/2 – 2*sinx/2*cosx/2) =tan -1 √(cosx/2 + sinx/2) 2 /(cos x/2 – sin x/2) 2 = tan -1 (cosx/2 +...
Y RAJYALAKSHMI 6 months ago
​Q. IF f ( x ) IS A DIFFERENTIABLE FUNCTION AND f ’ ( x ) = log 1/3 ( log 3 ( sin x + a) ) , THEN FIND THE INTERVAL OF ‘’a’’ SO THAT f ( x ) IS DECREASING FOR ALL REAL VALUES OF x .
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below If the f(x) is decreasing, then ............(1) Also for the domain of logarithm function, …......(2) Combining (1) and...
Jitender Singh 5 months ago
but i think a > 4 as a =3 doesnt satisfy the equation.
bharat makkar 5 months ago
Consider a plane x+y-z=1 and the point A(1,2,-3) A line L has the equation x=1+3r y=2-r z=3+4r Equation of the plane containing the line L and the point A has the equation (A) x-3y+5...
Put any 2 values of r to get the coordinates of any 2 points that lie on the linegiven by x=1+3r y=2-r z=3+4r Let those points be B and C So, we need to the eqn of a plane which contains 3...
Ravi 26 days ago
IF A+B+C = 180, THEN (SIN 2A – SIN 2B – SIN 2C) /(SIN 2B – SIN 2A – SIN 2C) =
Hello student, Please find the answer to your question below Sin 2A - Sin 2B – Sin 2C = 4 Cos A Sin B sin C SIN 2B – SIN 2A – SIN 2C = 4 sinA Sin B cos C Now you can divide...
Nishant Vora 5 months ago
three vectors from origin a,b,c.the ends of vec a is Q ,R,P respectively..if PQ=2QR then (a)2a+c=3b (b) a+3c=2b (c) ba+b=2b (d) a+2c=3b
c+PR=b (1) b+RQ=a (2) from 1 and 2 b+2PR=a b+2(b-c)=a b+2b-2c=a 3b-2c=a 3b=a+2c answer (D)
Pushkar Aditya 10 months ago
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