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im little weak in differential exam im not sure if i could solve question or not....i dont get where to start in spite of having practice...what should i do?

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Shruti,

Try to work hard on thise questions in these days

Try to take help from some teachers who can solve your doubts on that particular topic,

Work hard on 3 things, Basics, Doubts and Speed

Hope that can help you


3 years ago

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Prove that
let y = f(x) g(x) Taking log on both sides log y= g(x) log(f(x)) Taking antilog on both sides y = e g(x) logf(x) Consider log f(x)= log ( 1 + (f(x)-1)) Expansion of log ( 1 + x)= x – x...
Harsh Patodia one year ago
Hi Student, Basically subtraction of 1 comes from the derivation. So it must be done. If you want to know the derivation please reply on this thread otherwise its not necessary. You can...
Harsh Patodia one year ago
Hi student This is of the type f(x) g(x) which is of form 1 such that f(x) 1 and g(x) Solution of such form is give by e g(x)(f(x)-1) When you will subsitute appropriate values of f(x) and...
Harsh Patodia one year ago
Number of points where f(x)=1/ln|x2-3x+3| is dicontinuous
sonukumaraman 2 months ago
Raghu Vamshi Hemadri 2 months ago
for 2) when i diff i get -sinx-2p-sinx/2 then what value of sinx should i put
Its minimum value (-1).
Vijay Mukati 4 months ago
How to prove tan A = 2 tan B + cot B Thanks for the help in advance.
Dear Achal, Very sorry, for at first I thought you were a 10 th grader. As I am one, I thought simple maths would help. But considering the fact that you are an 11 th grader, there does...
Arun one month ago
Thanks, Arun. If you google "2 tan b + cot b" the very first link is JEE Main Mathematics by Prem Kumar, and clicking that link will bring you to the problem. The other book is Mathematics...
Achal one month ago
Dear Achal, Then I am sorry, because as far as I know it would not be possible to solve the question. But, if you can say which textbook you are referring to, then maybe I may be of help.
Arun one month ago
How to find projection of one vector over another?
let say we have to find projection of a on b then it is given by a.b /I bI
Abhishek Singh 10 months ago
how to find the image of parabola y^2=4x wrt to x+y+4=0
hey listen... to find equation of a parabola we need its vertex and focus... so we need to find the amge of vertex(0,0) and focus(1,0) wrt the given line to gind equation of image parabola..
rajnish kumar 3 months ago
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