If f(x) is a polynomial function which satisfy the relation (f(x))2 f"(x)=(f"(x))3 f'(x), f'(0)=f'(1)=f'(-1)=0,f(0)=4, f(±1)=3, then f"(i) (where i=√7) is equal to

Please show complete solution

2 years ago


Answers : (1)

f'(0) = f'(-1) = f'(1) = 0
\Rightarrow f'(x) = ax(x-1)(x+1), a = constant
\int df(x) = \int ax(x-1)(x+1)dx
f(x) = a(\frac{x^{4}}{4}-\frac{x^{2}}{2}) + c, c = constant
f(0) = a(\frac{0^{4}}{4}-\frac{0^{2}}{2}) + c = 4
\Rightarrow c = 4
f(\pm 1) = a(\frac{(\pm 1)^{4}}{4}-\frac{(\pm 1)^{2}}{2}) + 4 = 3
\frac{-a}{4} = -1
a = 4
f(x) = x^{4}-2x^{2}+4
f'(x) = 4x^{3}-4x
f''(x) = 12x^{2}-4
f''(\sqrt{7}) = 12(\sqrt{7})^{2}-4 = 80
Thanks & Regards
Jitender Singh
IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty
5 months ago

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please help .........
Hi student Let sinx= t 2t 2 +3t – 2 = 2t 2 +4t -t -2 = 2t(t+2) -1(t+2)= (2t -1)(t+2) Now given (2t-1)(t+2)>0 => t>1/2 or t<-2 => sinx> ½ or sinx <-2 (not...
Harsh Patodia one month ago
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milind one month ago
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oh sorry i couldnot chat yesterday. i logged off. i will explain. you can do this question in many ways easiest method to save time is differentiate both sides of the equation. keeping...
esha singh 5 months ago
its a bit lengthy (limits method) i find this method more appealing.
esha singh 5 months ago
is the answer none of these ?
esha singh 5 months ago
please explain fully …...if it is 0/0 form than tell why ….…..please
Ans: If the given function in the limit is of zero by zero form, then we can apply L’Hospital rule which is explain below f(a) = 0 g(a) = 0 Similarly follow for higher derivative. We...
Jitender Singh 5 months ago
jitendra sir my question is not ..to explain l hospital rule ….….my question is that the image that i attach have 0/0 form …. how it have 0/0 form.....................jo maine question...
milind 4 months ago
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