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whats the sum of series:

1^5*2^7/1! + 2^5*3^7/2! + 3^5*4^7/3! + 4^5*5^7/4! +......................infinite....

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

                                        Dear student,
The general term of the series can be given by:
T_{n}=\frac{n^{5}\left ( n+1 \right )^{7}}{n!}

So, the required sum can be found as:
S_{n}=\sum_{1}^{\infty}T_{n}=\sum_{1}^{\infty}\frac{n^{5}\left ( n+1 \right )^{7}}{n!}
Using the standard formulae, the required sum can be found.
one year ago

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sir, I have aquestion,pl. solve my problem. Find domain of Y=cos -1 (x 2 /1+x 2 )
Dear Student, The domain of the function, y = cos -1 x is -1 <= x<=1. So Use this information to find the domain. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 4 days ago
y = cos4x.cos2x find dy/dx
Ans. -((cos4x sin2x)/2+(cos2x sin4x)/4).
Vijay Mukati 2 months ago
find dy/dx if y=e xloga +e alogx +e aloga
since i have told earlier the formula so here y=a x +x a +a a therefore dy/dx=a x log a+ax a-1 +a a log a
Revti Raman 3 months ago
what is “e”?how much its range?
e is the exponential number.its range is 2 greater than e less than 3.
sreekanth 24 days ago
e is the exponential number.its range is 23.
sreekanth 24 days ago
what is -5*-5 and 5*-10,...
Answer for the first one is 25 and asnwer for the second one is -50 .THANKababd cgbdrfcc cffec PLZ APPROVE
Nikhil Upadhyay yesterday
i cant get an idea to solve problems in complex numbers . suggest me an idea
Hi could you please give more details about the kind of doubts you have? The best method of course would be practicing with solved examples first and then slowly moving onto unsolved ones...
Kalyani Jayachandran Menon 2 months ago
i cannot do the sums on ` this equation represents -----------------`
Sarathchandra Lavu 2 months ago
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