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Value of n^5/n!=52e. how this value obtainned. Could any of you tell me the method?


3 years ago


Answers : (1)


This is a TRANSCENDENTAL equation. There is no method. The only way to solve the equation is trial and error.

3 years ago

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See attachment sir please explain this question …...I’ll be very great full
Ans: Thanks & Regards Jitender Singh IIT Delhi askIITians Faculty
Jitender Singh one year ago
milind one year ago
milind one year ago
find the derivative of x 2 sinx by first principle
its very long question , just a labour work, i think this must be need for ncert there is just a simple procedure to solve these questions, derivative is defined as ;;;; limit of...
ng29 one month ago
use the general equation of first principle
grenade one month ago
3 ∫ 2 (2x 2 + 1) dx
integration of (2(X^2)+1)dx from 2 to 3 is equal to (2((x^3)/3)+x) from 2 to3 =(2((3^3)/3)+3)-(2((2^3)/3)+2) =(2*(27/3)+3)-(2*(8/3)+2) =(18+3)-((16/3)+2) =(21)-(22/3) =41/3
Miryala Gopalakrishna 9 months ago
Ans:- 3 ∫ 2 (2x 2 +1)dx =2[(x 2+1 /2+1)] 2 3 +[x] 2 3 =2[(x 3 /3)] 2 3 +[x] 2 3 =2[(3 3 /3)+(2 3 /3)]+[3-2] =2[(27+8)/3]+1 =2[(35/3)]+1 =(70/3)+1 =73/3
Anusha 9 months ago
Integrate from 0 to infinity ∫[3/(x 2 +1)] dx [] denotes the greatest integer function..
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below Here,
Jitender Singh one year ago
Thank u Jitender Sir.
Lovey one year ago
if e2= (1,1,1) and e2=(1,1,-1) a and b are two vectors such that e1=2a+b and e2=a+2b then the angle between a and b is cos -1 (7/9) cos -1 (7/11) cos -1 (-7/11) cos -1 [6∫2/11]
on solving the equations between e1,e2,a and b we get a= (1/3,1/3,1) b= (1/3,1/3,-1) using a.b=ab cosx x is the angle between a and b so answer is c) cos -1 (-7/11) approve if useful
ng29 3 months ago
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