Value of n^5/n!=52e. how this value obtainned. Could any of you tell me the method?


2 years ago


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This is a TRANSCENDENTAL equation. There is no method. The only way to solve the equation is trial and error.

2 years ago

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what is meant by contunity of functions
Ans: Continuity of a function at a given point means that it should exist at the given point & left hand limit & right hand limit should exist & equal to each other &...
Jitender Singh 3 months ago
Find the period f(x)=[sin3x]+|cos6x| Thanks
Ans: Time period of f 1 (x): Time period of f 2 (x): Time period of f(x): (LCM of time period of f 1 (x) & f 2 (x))/(HCFof time period of f 1 (x) & f 2 (x)) Thanks & Regards...
Jitender Singh 3 months ago
Let A = lim(x -> -2) [tan(pi.x)/x+2] + lim (x → inf) (1 + 1/x 2 ) x Prove that A > 4
Ans:Hello student, please find answer to your question It is zero by zero form, apply L’Hospital Rule Hence, Proved
Jitender Singh 3 months ago
log base 24 54 = a and log base 12 18 = b Then the value of [ab-5(a-b)].
Hello Student, Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 3 months ago
the sum of all real root of the equation ​/x-2/ 2 + /x-2/ – 2=0
Ans: Hello Student, Please find the answer to your question below Let x to be greater than equal to 2. So x = 3 is only possible. Let x to be less than 2. x 2 – 5x + 4 = 0 x = 1, 4 x =...
Jitender Singh 2 months ago
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