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Value of n^5/n!=52e. how this value obtainned. Could any of you tell me the method?


4 years ago


Answers : (1)


This is a TRANSCENDENTAL equation. There is no method. The only way to solve the equation is trial and error.

4 years ago

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dy/dx of (1+cosx) 2
Ans. -2(1+cosx) sinx. You can further simplify it. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 11 months ago
what is the lenght of subnormals in the term of differential quotients of any general curve...
Dear Student, Let P(x,y) be any point on any general curve. PG be a normal to the curve at point P and G be the point of axis axis. Let PN be the lilne perpendicular to x-axis. So the...
Vijay Mukati 4 months ago
What will will come when we differentiate acceleration
when we deferentiate the acceleration we get the jerk.
RAMCHANDRARAO 5 months ago
the rate of change of acceleration; that is, the derivative of acceleration with respect to time, and as such the second derivative of velocity, or the third derivative of position.“ it is...
T.kumar 5 months ago
MR. PRABHAKAR its nothing but “JERK“, and its a sudeen movement if u want an example then when u r travelling in the bus if driver puts a sudden brake there is movement in u i.e, jeRk
Dheeru chowdary 5 months ago
in mathmatics we have using +,-,%,/,......etc why we are caliing the function + as + but why not calling + as – ? please explain it?
hello frnd! we have fixed those symbols for some specific operations only.So that everybody can understand what operation they should do.If u are not fixed them then every body get confused ...
ravi 3 months ago
My dear Friend,,,,,,,Simply, if we use ‘+’ for adding.ex- 2+2=4. But we use same‘+’ as ‘-‘ for adding 2-2=0 By the reason we use the symbol to calculate the sum,subtract,multiple &...
K N TRIMURTHY 3 months ago
By the reason we use the symbol to calculate the sum,subtract,multiple & division. So,which are the symbols in the maths for the specific calculation.
Prabhakar ch 2 months ago
A quantity which has same magnitude and dirction is known as VECTOR.
VECTOR. is known as dirction and magnitude A quantity which has same
SHANMUKESHWAR 10 months ago
a quantity having direction as well as magnitude is called as vector
bollusrinivas 10 months ago
what is meant by integration????????????????????????/
integration is the act of integrating,it is the act of bringing together smaller components into a single or small type of functions as only one..........
nandini 2 months ago
Integration is the act of bringing together smaller components into a single system that functions as one.
Vaishnavi Patel 2 months ago
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