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sheetal chaudhary Grade: Upto college level

evaluate limit when x tends to 0 of (1/x (sqr) - cot x)

evaluate limit when n tends to infinity of 1(cube) + 2(cube) + 3(cube)+.............+n(cube)/ [n(sqr) +1](sqr) here [] is braket.

evaluate limit when n tends to infinity of 1.n+2.(n-1)+3.(n-2)+.............+n.1/1(sqr)+2(sqr)+......+n(sqr)

evaluate limit when n tends to infinity of : a(raised to the power n) +b(raised to the powern)/a(raised to the power n)-b(raised to the power n).

6 years ago

Answers : (1)

ajinkya bhole
10 Points

4 d 4th ques...

without loss of genrality...let a>b

defore the ques bcums


now as a/b is less than 1 defore a/b raised to n as n bcums arbitarily large iz zero!!!!!

therfore ans iz 1!!!!

6 years ago
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