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I have got AIR 4670 in JEE2009 and AIR 4300 in AIEEE( HomeState rank - 820 (Andhra Pradesh)). As per the seat allotment  for JEE 2008, I could get only ISMU, BHU or new IITs. As per the seat allotment of AIEEE 2008, I could get Mechanical in NIT Warangal. I am in confusion to which one i need to go for whether ISMU,BHU,New IITs (Or) NIT Warangal. Could someone please suggest which one would be the better option. If it is IIT, Could you please suggest which branch and which institute.





7 years ago


Answers : (2)


I would suggest you should take NIT Warangal Mechanical placements in  mechanical core   in NIT Warangal are as good as any IIT's for tht matter.(may be differing 2 or 3 companies). highest package offered is Schlumberger 34lpa.. for 2008-2009 batch...  You have large gamit of mech core companies visiting campus.... like Tata motors, Crompton greeves, Bajaj Auto , John deere, FMC, Shell (>12 Lpa) , Jord Engg (19 lpa), Haliburtton -HLS Asia (11 lpa), Godrej, and all sorts of PSU's ranging from IOCL,BPCL,NTPC, etc..etc..    and also apart from this people have also got into various consultancy firms like ZS Assosciates(10 lpa), and Software compnies like Oracle(6.5lpa), and Goldmann Sachs.....   and also regarding research activities faculty is good with good lab facilities in it and people from here have got into  MS courses in worlds prestigious institutes like Stanford, UCBerklely, Univ of Illinois.... I would suggest for it as you would also be carrying a good amount of brand NIT tag along with you in future.

7 years ago


Dear Gopi,

 The best college you would be getting according to the national ranking of colleges is NIT Warangal ( even better than some of the IITs ).

Regarding the new IITs, one shouldnot for it right now as they are just started and they lack proper administration , managemant and facilities.

At your place  i would have opted for NIT warangal, Mechanical as the branch also is the best.

Thank you.

7 years ago

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RGIPT would be a decent choice if you really want to pursue Petroleum engineering career, since it is an institute of national importance, but it cannot be compared to IITs in terms of...
Ankit 5 months ago
The institutions that you have mentioned here, are all quite reputed and elite class, you may go for any one of them without much thinking, but if you think that at RGIPT you may be able to ...
Aneesh Sehgal 5 months ago
Sir,I got air 238 rank in jee adv2016.I am interested in physics I confused with branch which actually suits to me.mainly I have interest in mechanics,electrostatic, please suggest...
Hi First of all congratulations! If you are interested in physics, I would suggest taking up Engineering Physics at any of the good IIT’s (I can tell you that IIT Bombay EP is a really...
Riddhish Bhalodia 4 months ago
Hey, congratulations on your sucess in JEE advanced 2016. I am 2 nd year Engineering Physics undergraduade student at IIT bombay. Firstly I want to say you that physics what you will study...
Nicho priyatham 4 months ago
First of all congratulations!If you are interested in physics, I would suggest taking up Engineering Physics at any of the good IIT’s (I can tell you that IIT Bombay EP is a really good...
raj 4 months ago
Sir, i have one doubt. If i choose naval architecture and ocean engg. in IIT madras can i switch to IT jobs later in my career?
It depends on your interset in IT during your education in bechleor programme. The best example..Mr Sundar Pichai, whio himself from IIT Madras, a B Tech in Metallurgy, he is now CEO of big...
Saurabh Kumar 4 months ago
sir i am expecting a rank of 7000 in jee adv 2016 should i go to iit or wait for one year
Dear Student, you better check your status at IIT official website and be sure whether you have a chance there?, If yes, well and good else you may choose one of the leading instituitions...
Aneesh Sehgal 4 months ago
yes sure you should go to iit. there are total 10,000 seats in iit. so i think you can easily get a good branch in iit. but if you have deep interest in a paricular branch like cse and...
SAHIL 4 months ago
please visit thanks and post if still some doubts
SAHIL 3 months ago
What is expected cutoff of obc I am getting only 55 just checked . I have doubt in one question in my omr given by jee.should I challenge that question .so I can reach 60 marks and what is...
Dear student The expected cut off for OBC this year would be nearly 70.Therefore you can drop an year and try your luck next time.Probably that might help.
Bhavya 6 months ago
OBC cutoff for JEE main 2016 is expected to be 82 this time Thanks
Nishant Vora 6 months ago
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