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Through the point (3,4) are drawn two straight line each inclined at 45* to the straight line x-y=2. find their equations and also find the area of triangle bounded by three lines.

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


by using the formula

tanA=modulas of (m1-m2)/(1+m1m2)

where A=45 and m1=+1

we can fine m2 from that we get two values

so we get two lines.

using the three lines we find the oint of intersections.

from the area formula we get the area covered by the triangle.

3 years ago

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The equation of the conic section whose focus is at (-1,0) , directrix is the line 4x-3y+2=0 and eccentricity is (1/2)^1/2 is
Hello student, The eccentricity is given to be √½ < 1. Hence, the given conic section is ellipse. Now, the focus of the ellipse is F(-1, 0) and directrix is the line 4x-3y +...
Latika Leekha one month ago
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Hello student, The equation of the bisectors of angles between the lines ax 2 + 2hxy - ay 2 = 0 is (x 2 -y 2 )/(a-(-a)) = xy/h or hx 2 - 2axy – hy 2 = 0 ….…. (1) Also, bx...
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solve mod x^2 +4x +3=x+1.
|x 2 +4x+3|=x+1, Now, the LHS changes at different values of x. x 2 +4x+3=(x+3)(x+1)=+ve for x -1 ...(i) while it is -ve for x between -3 and -1 ...(ii) So, for (i) we have x 2 +4x+3=x+1 on ...
Shubham Swastik Behera one month ago
Something is wrong with the greater than and less than symbol. I’m writing it in words: x 2 +4x+3=(x+3)(x+1)=+ve for when x is outside (-3,-1) i.e. less than -3 and greater than -1. Cheers!!
Shubham Swastik Behera one month ago
x 2 + 4x + 3 = x +1 x 2 + 3x +x + 3 = x + 1 (splitting the middle term) x(x+3) 1(x+3) = x + 1 (x+1)(x+3) = x+1 x+3 = x+1/x+1 x+3 = 1 x= 1-3= -2
sakthi meena Ramanathan one month ago
Find the following integral ∫dx/(1+(tanx)^1/2) Limit is from pi/6 to pi/3 Please reply soon.
Dear student, We have the given integral given by: Hence, if we add I twice, we get: Regards Sumit
Sumit Majumdar 11 months ago
Ans:Hello student, please find answer to your question …......(1) ......(2) (1) + (2)
Jitender Singh 11 months ago
pi/2 ∫ 0 cos x dx
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