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Through the point (3,4) are drawn two straight line each inclined at 45* to the straight line x-y=2. find their equations and also find the area of triangle bounded by three lines.

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


by using the formula

tanA=modulas of (m1-m2)/(1+m1m2)

where A=45 and m1=+1

we can fine m2 from that we get two values

so we get two lines.

using the three lines we find the oint of intersections.

from the area formula we get the area covered by the triangle.

4 years ago

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If the distance between the directrix and focus of a parabola is 4,then find the length of latus rectum of parabola?Plzzzz answer soon!
Distance between the directrix and focus of a parabola=2a here,2a=4, a=2 and length of latus rectum=4a=8unit
Arif Hossain 4 months ago
parabola is symmetric in y axis with vertex at origin directrix is given by x+a,(a.0) is focus. Distance b/t focus&directrix is a+a/1=2a. now 2a=4&a=2,giving latus rectum 4*a=8
AMARNATH.R 4 months ago
if equation (5x-1)^2+(5y-2)^2=(p^2-2y+1)(3x+4y-1)^2 represents an ellipse then P =? options- (0,1), (0,2) (1,2) or (0,1)U(1,2)
I think it should be p^2-2p+1
Nishant Vora 3 months ago
hi............ i think the answer is (1,2) because it is ellipse, ellipse general formulae is (x^2/a)+(y^/b)=1 from that eq. we got the answer
mohan 3 months ago
how can i clarify my doubt i hav e some doubts in few of the problems caan you help me in clarifying them
pls post in here we will try to help you thanks
Nishant Vora 7 months ago
Pls clarify me that question which propety used i didnt understand
hello anil kumar, please tell me the quetion first.and type clearly the quetion..............................................................................
raj 3 months ago
If the vectors −3i + 4 j + λk and μ i + 8 j + 6k are collinear vectors then find λand μ.
Let a = −3 i + 4 j + λk , b = μ i + 8 j + 6k From hyp. a, b are collinear then a = tb ⇒ −3i + 4 j + λk = t(μ i + 8 j + 6k) −3i + 4 j + λk = μt i + 8t j + 6tk Comparing i, j, k coefficients...
KUNCHAM SAMPATH 7 months ago
intergation of 1/(a+bcosX) please step by steps there are lots of solution in net but i want detail solution
Detailed solution below------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- \quad \frac { 1 }{ 2 } \left( \frac { 1 }{ 2 } { tan }^{ 2 }\frac { x }{ 2 } +1...
Ajay 5 days ago
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