Through the point (3,4) are drawn two straight line each inclined at 45* to the straight line x-y=2. find their equations and also find the area of triangle bounded by three lines.

2 years ago


Answers : (1)


by using the formula

tanA=modulas of (m1-m2)/(1+m1m2)

where A=45 and m1=+1

we can fine m2 from that we get two values

so we get two lines.

using the three lines we find the oint of intersections.

from the area formula we get the area covered by the triangle.

2 years ago

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If the angle between the two straight lines represented by 2x 2 +5xy+3y 2 +7y-98=0 is tan -1 m then find m.
required angle is tan -1 {2squareroot(h 2 -ab)/a+b}=tan -1 {2squareroot(25/4-6)/9} =tan -1 (1/9) so m=1/9 Thanks & Regards Sunil Raikwar askIITians Faculty
Sunil Raikwar 2 months ago
if lengt of sides of a triangle are 8cm 12cm and 16cm then find the length of altitude corresponding to the longest side options 1] 3/4ur15 2] 3/2ur15 ur= underoot
Op 2 using cosine rule u get cos of angle b/w sides 12 and 16 as =7/8 then use trignmtry to get the answer
gajanana hegde 8 months ago
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Integrate ∫(sinx/cos 2 x) dx
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below
Jitender Singh one month ago
If lA + Bl = lAl = lBl, then angle between vectors A and B is? (l stand for mod). Please show steps.
Never mind. I got the answer.
Varun Harnathka one year ago
Tha answer is 60 degrees
venkatesh vadde one year ago
It should be 60 degree.
G Ashwin - one year ago
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