find the length of the laus rectum of the parabola-


plz help..thanx in advance!!

2 years ago


Answers : (2)


the above equation can be written as 

                                                   ( 2y-5)^2=2(x+4)

                                                   therefore the length of the latus rectum is 2

2 years ago

A small mistake in the above post.


(2y-5)2 = -2x-17+25 = -2x+8 = -2(x-4)


or, (y- 5/2)2 = -1/2 * (x-4)


So Latus Rectum is 1/2 .

2 years ago

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hi Rahul PFA this will definetly help
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correct but it took a long while indeed...........................................
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