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				   Find the area overlaaped if two semicircles are drawn inside a rectangle with each opposite sides as diameter dimension of rectangle is 8cm and 4 cm and circle drawn by taking diameter 8 cm each

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Divyanshu,

I think the question is either incomplete or some wrong information is given since the conditions given are not possible to e satisfied simultaneously.

Please rectify the error.

Best Of luck

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Aman Bansal

Askiitian Expert

4 years ago

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These self-study packages are actually free to the enrolled students!! The test papers and video solutions given are brilliant and super helpful :D
Kalyani Jayachandran Menon one year ago
what is the condition for the line xcos(alpha)+ysin(alpha) =p to be tangent to the ellipse x^2/A^2+y^2/B^2=1
for this line to represent a tangent to the ellipse it should satisfy the condition for tangency of an arbitary line y=mx+c and ellipse that is c^2=a^2*m^2+b^2 hence when we put the values...
neena 7 months ago
an ellipse having foci (3,3) and (-4,4) and passing through origin then eccentricity of the ellipse is
Dear Student, Since origin in on the elipse therefore assum P(0,0) on elipse, Let S1 = (3,3) and S2 = (-4,4) Since we know that, PS1 + PS2 =2a or2a = 7root(2) – --(1) also S1S2 = 2ae...
Vijay Mukati 7 months ago
how to find the sum of coefficients of the polynomial expansion
if the polinomial equation can be writen as a binomial expansion then sum of binomial coeficients is C 0 +C 1 + C 2 +.............+C n = 2 n
Dhruva Narayan 5 months ago
What is the range of a polynomial function with odd degree and even degree are they same or different
Dear Student, If the degree of a polynomialf(x) is even and the leading coefficient is positive, thenf(x) → ∞ asx→ ±∞. Iff(x) is an even degree polynomial with...
Vijay Mukati 6 months ago
angle between vectors a and b is 30 degrees between a and c is 60 degrees and between b and c is 45 degrees find angle between a and bXc assuming all to be unit vectors
there is some error in the question as all the angles wouldnt fit in one diagram (assuming all are in on plane.).you said the angle between a and b is 30 and between a and c is 60.. so...
Arjun Praveen 2 months ago
dear anant shandilya, i think answer to your question is 90 o . as you know the cross product of two vectors (which lie in the same plane)is perpendicular to the plane of given vectors...
Jai Katara 3 months ago
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