Find the area overlaaped if two semicircles are drawn inside a rectangle with each opposite sides as diameter dimension of rectangle is 8cm and 4 cm and circle drawn by taking diameter 8 cm each

2 years ago


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Dear Divyanshu,

I think the question is either incomplete or some wrong information is given since the conditions given are not possible to e satisfied simultaneously.

Please rectify the error.

Best Of luck

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Aman Bansal

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2 years ago

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Find the distance of the point (3,4,5) from the plane x+y+z=2 measured parallel to the line 2x=y=z.
The answer is 6 units. I’ll give you hints. Dr’s of the line is ] = 6units 2 +(5-1) 2 +(4-0) 2 Therefore, PN = sqrt[(3-1) So N = (1,0,1) Satisfying this point on the plane gives u=-4 General...
Yash Jain 18 hours ago
The answer is 6 units. I’ll give you hints. Dr’s of the line is Therefore, PN = sqrt[(3-1) So N = (1,0,1) Satisfying this point on the plane gives u=-4 General point on this line is..(u/2...
Yash Jain 18 hours ago
wat are asymptotes?
Asymptotes are tangents to a hyperbola which never really touch it or mathematically u can say touch it at infinity Asymptotes are very imp from jee pt of view so do it very nicely good luck...
needhelp 5 months ago
The no. of points on the line 3x+4y=5 which are at a distance of sec^2? +2cosec^2?,? belongs to R from the point (1,3).
Kindly define the question properly,too many question marks in between expression.
Sunil Kumar one year ago
Hi Kindly clarify the question. What does the question mark represent ?
Sunil Kumar one year ago
What is magnitude? Give me full detail about this.
Magnitude refers to the real no. value. eg. magnitude of 3i+4j+2k = root (3^2+4^2+2^2) = root(29) = 5.38
G Ashwin - one year ago
Magnitude is defined as the value of a physical quantity.For example if a body is travelling with a speed of 5m/s,then the magnitude of the speed is 5.Magnitude is often represented like...
Karan Malhotra 2 years ago
our teacher say that magnitude is not size or length.He want to talk with you.Please give me your mobile number or full detail about magnitude, that satisfy our teacher.
vikash kumar 2 years ago
which term of the G.P. 2,1,1/2,1/4... is 1/128?
You can do this simply by putting 1/128 as an exponential term in terms of (1/2) which is the common ratio. The first terrm is a=2, d=1/2, so you can either equate them directly equal to the...
Ravi one month ago
t n =a*r n-1 where, a=initial term=2 n=nth term r=common ratio=1/2 1/128=2*(1/256)=2*(1/2) 8 =2*(1/2) n-1 Hence,n-1=8; …........n=9th term...
Naveen Kumar one month ago
Of course we can have alternative ways to do it and I have given the answer which is one of them ….... Good luck for your exams!!!!!!!!!...
Naveen Kumar one month ago
Find the number of points of intersection of y = cosx & y = sin3x between -(pi)/2 & (pi)/2.
Ans:Hello student, please find answer to your question Two curves are intersecting, so n = 0 n = -1 n = 0 So there are three points of intersection.
Jitender Singh 4 months ago
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