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                   Find the area overlaaped if two semicircles are drawn inside a rectangle with each opposite sides as diameter dimension of rectangle is 8cm and 4 cm and circle drawn by taking diameter 8 cm each

3 years ago


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Dear Divyanshu,

I think the question is either incomplete or some wrong information is given since the conditions given are not possible to e satisfied simultaneously.

Please rectify the error.

Best Of luck

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Aman Bansal

Askiitian Expert

3 years ago

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co-ordinates of four points A,B,C and D are (0,-1), (-1,2), (15,2) and (4,-5) respectively. Find the ratio in which line segment AC divides the line segment BD internally
try to use section farmula and slope of i think this will help u to get u from it If it is help to get ans then approve it
vedant patil 24 days ago
try to use section farmula and slope of i think this will help u to get u from it If it is help to get ans then approve it
vedant patil 24 days ago
If (-2,6) is the image of the point (4,2) with respect to line L=0, then L=0 a) 6x-4y-7=0 ​b) 2x+3y-5=0 c) 3x-2y+5=0 ​d) 3x-2y+10=0
Given, (-2,6) is the image of the point (4,2) w.r.t. L=0. So, L=0 is the perpendicular bisector of (-2,6) , (4,2). Therefore, L=0 is (-2-4)x+(6-2)y = [(-2) 2 +6 2 ]-{4 2 +2 2 ]/2. So,...
CHANDRA KIRAN 5 months ago
If you feel that the above meathod is lengthy or complicated you can directly go from options by checking each option.
CHANDRA KIRAN 5 months ago
The number of points (x,y) (where x and y both are perfect squares of integers) on the parabola y^2=px,p being a prime number, is ?
y 2 = px y = sqrt(px) Since x & y are perfect square integers, sqrt(x) is an integer. Since p is a prime no., sqrt(p) is an irrational no. The point which satisfies the given condition is...
Y RAJYALAKSHMI one year ago
Hint, Using the conditionANGLE C- ANGLE B=9, we can find that angle C = 7 + 3x. So the three angles in terms of x will be A = x and B = 3x-2 and C = 7 + 3x. Thanks
Vijay Mukati 10 days ago
if p*x+q*y=p-q and q*x+p*y=p+q find the values of x and y
px + qy = p – q -----> Equation 1 qx + py = p + q -----> Equation 2 Add both the equations. px + qy + qx + py = p – q + p + q => p(x+y) + q(x+y) = 2p => (p+q)(x+y) = 2p => x+y = 2p/p+q...
Ramvardhan 7 days ago
Find the lenght and equation of the line of shortest distance between the lines x-3/1=y-5/-2=z-7/1 and x+1/7= y+1/-6=z+1/1 Full steps please?
The shortest distance between the lines (x – x 1 )/l 1 = (y – y 1 )/m 1 = (z – z 1 )/n 1 & (x – x 2 )/l 2 = (y – y 2 )/m 2 = (z – z 2 )/n 2 is given by l(x 2 – x 1 ) + m(y 2 – y 1 ) + n(z 2 ...
Y RAJYALAKSHMI 7 months ago
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