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                   Find the area overlaaped if two semicircles are drawn inside a rectangle with each opposite sides as diameter dimension of rectangle is 8cm and 4 cm and circle drawn by taking diameter 8 cm each

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Divyanshu,

I think the question is either incomplete or some wrong information is given since the conditions given are not possible to e satisfied simultaneously.

Please rectify the error.

Best Of luck

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Aman Bansal

Askiitian Expert

2 years ago

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it is a squre with line X=+a,-a Y=+a,-a
Abhishek Singh 2 months ago
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Yash Jain 2 months ago
[ r1 – r ]/a + [r2 – r]/b =?
Hello Student, Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 8 months ago
how to calculte the determinant value of 2 rows and 3 col of values?
Hi student.. . . . Determinant is defined only for square matrices in which number of rows and columns is same. For the above case, determinant does not apply....
Harsh Patodia 4 months ago
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rajesh 4 months ago
it is1/a+1/b
sarthak 4 months ago
Value of x in the following –
Image is attached
Drake 8 months ago
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