A  closed cone is placed with water half of its height  as shown below in fig 1 .  If it will completely revolved  then water goes down and height will change . So at what height from the base water will stay?       Find X.                                 

2 years ago


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a line is drawn through a point [1,2] to meet the coordinate axis at P and Q such that the area of triangle OPQ where o is origin is LEAST then slope of line PQ is.... a.-1/2 b.-2 c.-1/4...
Ans. -2 Equation of line with x-intercept ‘a’ and y-intercept ‘b’ is: OP = a, OQ = b Area of triangle OPQ = A = ½ ab Line is passing through [1,2], To minimize...
Jitender Singh one month ago
A particle begins at the origin and moves successively, 1 unit to the right, 1/2 unit up, 1/4 unit to the left, 1/8 unit down, 1/16 unit to the right, 1/32 unit up etc.The length of each...
ans: total displacement in X direction : step-1 : 1 unit right (+ve X direction) step-3 : 1/2 2 unit left (-ve X deirction) step-5: 1/2 4 unit right ( +ve X direction) step-7 : 1/2 6 unit (...
Ajay Verma 5 months ago
x coordinate = 1-(1/4)+(1/16)-(1/64)....... y coordinate = (1/2) -(1/8) + (1/32) ......... converge the above two series to get the X and Y as the result of converging coordinate Thanks...
Saurabh Singh 5 months ago
tanalpha + cotalpha= 2
Hello Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar one month ago
Thanks and Regards Apoorva Arora IIT Roorkee askIITians Faculty
Apoorva Arora one month ago
Number of ways in which 8 non-identical apples can be distributed among 3 boys such that every boy gets atleast 1 apple and atmost 4 apples.?
Hello student, There are 3 ways of distributing 8 apples among boys they are 1)4 3 1 2)3 3 2 3)4 2 2 so number of ways= 3!(8c 4 )(4c 3 )(1c 1 )+3(8c 3 )(5c 3 )(2c 2 )+3(8c 4 )(4c 2 )(2c 2 )...
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