A  closed cone is placed with water half of its height  as shown below in fig 1 .  If it will completely revolved  then water goes down and height will change . So at what height from the base water will stay?       Find X.                                 

2 years ago


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find eqn. of a line passing through intersectin of lines x+y+1=0 and 2x-3y-1=0 and passing through (1,1) whose slope is 2 units
this question is to be done by done by the method of family of lines. so,by this method-(x+y+1)+lambda(2x-3y-1)=0 now x=--2/5 and y=--3/5 are the solutions of the equation x+y+1 =0 and...
vineet chatterjee 5 months ago
when should we use family of straight lines?
Hi, The family of straight lines is used when we need to represent large number of lines representing a particular condition....
Shobhit Varshney 2 months ago
Find the equation of the line which passes through the point of intersection of L1:2x – 3y + 5 = 0 and L2: 3x – 2y + 5 = 0, and also passes through the origin. Here’s one way to solve the...
S. Agarwal one month ago
Does a rectangular hyperbola ever intersect the coordinate axes?
Definition says that the asymptotes of rectangluar hyperbolar are cordinate axis i.e x and y axis By the definition of asymptotes hyperbola meets it at infinity. So rectangular hyperbola...
Harsh Patodia 3 months ago
please solve this question image attached
Nishant Vora 3 months ago
how many 7 digit numbers can be formed using digits 1,2,0,2,4,2,4
with repetion of digits _|_|_|_|_|_|_| since you have seven blanks to fill therefore in the first blank we have 6 chocies to fill as we cant use 0 or the number will be 6 digits . so we have...
Ashwin 4 months ago
This is a multiple answer question let a and b be two non null vectors such that |a+b|=|a-2b| . Then the value of |a|/|b| May be : (a) 1/4 (b) 1/8 (c) 1 ( d) 2. Pls solve the question in...
open the mod like this a+b = +( a=2b) i.e a+b = a-2b which is not possible because b is non null vector. or a+b = -(a-2b) so a/b = 1/2 Thanks Ruchi , Askiitians faculty
ruchi yadav 9 months ago
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