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A closed cone is placed with water half of its height as shown below in fig 1 . If it will completely revolved then water goes down and height will change . So at what height from the base water will stay? Find X.

3 years ago


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Let A(3,-4), B(1,2) and P(2k-1,2k+1) is a variable point such that PA + PB IS MINIMUM then k=
what is problem in dis questions just find distances and sum them now u will get equation in k , consider it as function of k and u have to find its min value differentiate it wrt ot k and...
ng29 3 months ago
ok there is another metod to approach this question P will be mid point of A and B then PA + PB will be minimum and hence by using mid point formula u will get value of k approve if...
ng29 3 months ago
That I know, but it takes too much time if you have any short method please tell me....
Aditya Sharma 3 months ago
Find the equation of the line passing through the inersection of lines x-y+1=0 and 2x-3y+5=0 and whose distance from the point (3,2) is 7/5.
Hello Student, Please find the solution Here you can use the concept of family of lines The equation of the line passing through the inersection of lines x-y+1=0 and 2x-3y+5=0 can be assumed...
Nishant Vora 11 months ago
If a double ordinate of the parabola y 2 =28x subtends a right angle at its vertex then what will be the length of its double ordinate...?
The 2 ends of the double ordinate will be meeting the parabola at P(c,d) and Q(c,-d). The line segments joining P and Q with the vertex will have slopes as negative reciprocals of each...
Ravi 9 months ago
How d n /dx n becomes d n-1 /dx n-1 …...please explain
Hello student, Please find answer to your question For example, Apply this
Jitender Singh one year ago
Thanx … are awesome sir … helped me whenever I required …..this website is awesome ….....
milind one year ago
number of surjections formula
It is quite easy to calculate the total number of functions from a setXwithmelements to a setYwithnelements (nm), and also the total number of injective functions (nm−−, denoting...
Charchit Tailong one month ago
one can get a formula for the number of surjections using inclusion-exclusion, applied to the setsX1,...,Xm, where for eachithe setXiis defined to be the set of functions that never take the...
Ashutosh Sharma one month ago
find the equation of a plane which is at a distance of 3 root 3 units from the origin and the normal to which is equally inclined to the coordinate axes.
Hi, You know the direction cosine of normal to the plane and u know the point lying on that plane ( say, (3,3,3) in first quadrant) .So, you would get four such planes depending on the...
Shobhit Varshney 10 months ago
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