A closed cone is placed with water half of its height as shown below in fig 1 . If it will completely revolved then water goes down and height will change . So at what height from the base water will stay? Find X.

2 years ago


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No. of values of A for which the systemof equations x 2 = y and (x-A) 2 +y 2 = 1 has exactly 3 solutions is?
1. Firstly solve the two equations. You will get biquadratic in x.2. For three solutions, assume them to be x1, x1, x2 and x3.3. Use theory of equations and get the answer.Vinti...
Vinti Singhai 8 months ago
jagdish singh singh 9 months ago
prove that four straight lines represented by the equation 12x 2 +7xy -12y 2 =0 and 12x 2 +7xy -12y 2 -x +7y -10 form a square
Hello Student, 12x 2 +7xy -12y 2 =0 12x 2 +7xy -12y 2 -x +7y -10 with first x=(-7y +- yroot(49+144*4))/24 you will get 2 lines from here with second do the same thing x=(-7y+1 +-...
Arun Kumar one month ago
If two tangents to the parabola y 2 =4ax from a point P make an angle θ 1 and θ 2 with the axis of the parabola, then find the locus of P if cosθ 1 cosθ 2 =λ...
Let the equation of tangent in slope form be y= mx + a/m Let point P be (h,k) hence this point will satisfy the line there fore: k = mh + a/m or mh^2 - km + a = 0 (a quadratic in 'm' which...
Pratik Tibrewal 6 months ago
in a survey, it was found that 21 people like product A, 26 liked product B, 29 liked product C, 14 people liked both A and B, 12 liked A and C and 14 liked B and C and 8 liked all three...
4 is the answer of ur first question
Shivam one month ago
may be 32 is of 2 nd question
Shivam one month ago
sorry its 11 not.4
Shivam one month ago
Find the value of `a` for which the function f(x)=cos(x)-sin(x)+a(x)+b is decreasing.
we know that f(x) is decreasing for all real values of x if f'(x)<0 f'(x)=-cosx-sinx+a<0 a<sinx+cosx minimum value of sinx+cosx is -root2 so a should be less than -root2 Thanks...
Sunil Raikwar 4 months ago
Find relation between x and y. cosx+cosy-cos(x+y)=3/2.
Hello Student, cosx+cosy-cos(x+y)=3/2 2cos((x+y)/2)cos((x-y)/2)-2[cos((x+y)/2))]^2-0.5=0 =>2ka-2k^2-0.5=0 =>D=4a^2-4>=0 =>a=1 since its a cos(x-y) whose value is in [-1,1] so x=y...
Arun Kumar 23 days ago
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