A closed cone is placed with water half of its height as shown below in fig 1 . If it will completely revolved then water goes down and height will change . So at what height from the base water will stay? Find X.

2 years ago


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sir is m l khanna enough for solving all questions of jee advanced maths(my maths course is complete and looking for a book which can fetch me very high marks .)
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Sher Mohammad one month ago
Is it possible to add two vectors of unequal magnitude and get a resultant of zero?Please explain also.
PT: |x| is not = |y| x+y=0 therefore, x=-y therefore, we get |-y| and |y|, but they are equal, therefore |x|=|y|, For a simple example, Take a block of unit mass kept on a table. You and...
Chitransh Gaurav one year ago
no it is not possible as .. if the magnitude is diffrent then they cannot cancel.... soo... if the resultant has to b zero then the vectors should have same ma n diff direction
it is not possible .for two vectors to give zero resultant their components along the x and y axis must cancel each other which is not possible for this case.
vihang agarwal one year ago
Q. ​IF TWO ROOTS OF THE EQUATION- (p-1)(x 2 + x + 1) 2 – (p+1)( x 4 + x 2 +1) = 0 ARE REAL AND DISTINCT AND f(x) = 1-x/1+x , THEN f(f(x)) + f(f(1/x)) IS EQUAL TO- p -p 2p -2p
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below Option(1) is correct.
Jitender Singh 3 days ago
bharat makkar 3 days ago
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