A closed cone is placed with water half of its height as shown below in fig 1 . If it will completely revolved then water goes down and height will change . So at what height from the base water will stay? Find X.

2 years ago


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in a Triangle root(abc(a+b+c))/area is always greater than of equal to ? less than or equal to ?
Hello Student, Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar one month ago
A straight line makes an intercept on the y-axis twice as long as that on the x-axis and is at a unit distance from the origin. Determine its equation.
Hello Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar one month ago
intercept form: x/a+y/2a=1 on solving 2x+y=2a.......(1.) normal form: xcos(m)+ysin(m)=1.........(2.) now adjust eqn (1.) to obtain eqn(2) i.e make the sum of squares of coefficients of x and...
siddharth gupta one month ago
Show that the perpendiculars falling from any point of the st.line 2x+11y=5 upon the two st. lines 24x+7y=20 and 4x-3y=2 are equal to each other.
solution: given L1 :24x+7y=20 ; slope M1 = -24/7 L2 ;4x-3y=2 ; slope M2= 4/3 and L3 :2x+11y=5 ; slope M3= -2/11 ifperpendiculars falling from any point from the line L3 to L1 and L2 areequal...
Ajay Verma 3 days ago
Image is attached . The function fx is discontinous at ?
Ans: Lets check at x = 0 So, f(x) is discontinuous at x = 0 Lets check at x = 1 So, f(x) is continuous at x = 1 Lets check at x = 2 You should have given the options. Otherwise, you can...
Jitender Singh 18 days ago
please give me some tips and techniques to solve different problems in trigonometry. now i an in 10 th standard .i want to know what books are required to make my concepts strong in...
Hello Student, First, you should remember all the simple conversion of one trigonometric function to another. You should memorise all the trigonometric identities. Remember the principle...
Jitender Singh 5 days ago
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