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Thetangents drawn from the origin to the circle x2+y2-2kx-2ry+r2=0 are perpendicular if:





3 years ago


Answers : (1)



 please find the attachment below


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3 years ago

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What is the minimum length of a focal chord to the parabola y^2=32x
Shortest focal chord is chord perpendicular to axis and passing through focus. for above parabola focus is (8,0) End points of focus will be (8,16) and (8, -16) ( Get y by putting x=8 iin...
Harsh Patodia 9 months ago
Find the equations of the circles whose centers lie on the line 4x + 3y = 2 and which touch the lines x + y + 4 = 0 and 7x - y + 4 = 0 There are 2 solutions to this question...
This will give 2 values of theta. Hence, 2 values of coordinates of the centre. Use the length of prependicular to find the 2 corresponding radii. This should give the 2 eqns of circles...
Ravi 4 months ago
Thank you so much Sir!!!
Utkarsh 4 months ago
The point nearest to the focus on parabola y^2 = 4ax has its abscissa =
Hello student, Let P(x, y) be the required point on the parabola which is nearest to the focus. Then D = √(x – a) 2 + y 2 Now, y 2 = 4ax So , D = √(x - a) 2 + 4ax =...
Latika Leekha 2 months ago
how to solve a periodic function
Hello student, A periodic function is defined to be the function that repeats itself after a specific period. Frist of all, you should be clear with the various properties of periodic...
Latika Leekha one month ago
Let f(x) be a periodic functon having period T. then solve the equation f(x+T)=f(x) the smallest such value of T is the fundamental period of f and Tshould be positive and independent of x...
AUREA one month ago
do you mean how to find the period of periodic function?
AUREA one month ago
Find dy/dx
y^2 = x^x^x^x …. infinity So we can say, Now take log both sides and then differentiate
Nishant Vora 8 days ago
y 3 /2x(1-y 2 lnx)
Aakash 8 days ago
2 ∫ 0 (3x 2 – 2) dx
Ans:- 2 ∫ 0 (3x 2 -2)dx =[3(x 3 /3)-2x] 0 2 =[x 3 -2x] 0 2 =[2 3 -2(2)] =8-4 =4
Anusha 8 months ago
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