Thetangents drawn from the origin to the circle x2+y2-2kx-2ry+r2=0 are perpendicular if:





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Answers : (1)



 please find the attachment below


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if the extremities of a diagonal of a square are (1,-2,3) and (2,-3,5) then the lenght of its side is ?
Length of the diagonal of square is √ ((1-2) 2 + (-2+3) 2 +(3-5) 2 ) = √6 We aslo know that length of square is √2 times the side. This implies √2a= √6 ( where...
Harsh Patodia 4 months ago
If the vertices of triangles are placed at (0,0), (0,6), (6,0). The prove that the distance between the orthocentre and circumcentre is 3 root2.
Solution: As we know the.. orthocentre is the point of intersection of altitudes of the triangle... soo for right angle triangle.. orthocenter is the vertex itself on which right angle is...
Ajay Verma 6 months ago
Show that the perpendiculars falling from any point of the st.line 2x+11y=5 upon the two st. lines 24x+7y=20 and 4x-3y=2 are equal to each other.
solution: given L1 :24x+7y=20 ; slope M1 = -24/7 L2 ;4x-3y=2 ; slope M2= 4/3 and L3 :2x+11y=5 ; slope M3= -2/11 ifperpendiculars falling from any point from the line L3 to L1 and L2 areequal...
Ajay Verma 6 months ago
what is meant by ccontunity of functions
Ans: Continuity of a function at a given point means that it should exist at the given point & left hand limit & right hand limit should exist & equal to each other &...
Jitender Singh 6 months ago
x,y,z are respectively the sines and p,q,r are respectively the cosines of angles A,B,C which are in AP with common difference 2pi/3 i.e 120 degrees then prove that the value of 8x 2 (qy –...
sinA=x sinB=y sinc=z put A = 0 x=o y=sin(120) z=sin(240) 8x 2 (qy – rz)=0 8y 2 (rz – px) = 8sin 2 120(sin240cos240) = 4sin 2 120(sin480) = 4sin 3 120 =4(3*3 1/2 )/8 = 3*3 1/2 /2 8z 2 (px –...
srikar 2 months ago
can you please do the ques without taking any of the angle by yourself.
Kaustubh Nayyar 2 months ago
how to represent the vector notation in dot product
the dot product notation (using the dot as an operator) can also be used (and is more common). The dot product of two vectors u and v can be represented as: The dot product gives us a value...
bharat bajaj 9 months ago
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