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Give an example of a straight line passing through point (1,3,4) and parallel to the plane X+Y+Z=1

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


there are infinite examples for this question

L1 : x-1/1 = y-3/1 = z-4/-2 

L2 :  x-1/-2 = y-3/1= z-4/1

L3 : x-1/1 = y-3/-2 = z-4/1

L4 : x-1/2  = y-3/3 = z-4/-5

  these all are possible examples

6 years ago

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the incentre of a triangle formed by x+y=1,x=1,y=1 then can any one say the procces for this
the incentre of a triangle formed by x+y=1,x=1,y=1 is the incomplete one. Plz provide the full information regarding your question and aslk again. Thankyou!
Vikas TU 2 months ago
Equation of a circle touching line x=-1 =3 y=3,................. ...............
x=-1 and x=3 are touching the the midpoint of the perpendicular line joining these two lines will be the centre,but there are infinitely many lines.but also it touches y=3,so plot ...
arunkumaran 28 days ago
Consider the points A (3, 4) and B (4, 13). If ‘P’ be a point on the line y = x such that PA + PB is minimum, then ‘P’ is. A) (13/7,13/7). B). (23/7,23/7) C) (31/7,31/7). D). (33/7,33/7)
Let P be the point as (x, x). then PA = root((x-3)^2 + (x-4)^2)) and PB = root((x-4)^2 + (x-13)^2) PA + PB => root((x-3)^2 + (x-4)^2)) + root((x-4)^2 + (x-13)^2) Now to minimize it the...
Vikas TU 21 days ago
how to add to infinity 1+2/2+3/2^2+4/2^3......Answer given is 4
Sourabh Singh 20 days ago
We can as well use the method of infinite sum of an arithmeticogemetric series.Here A.P. is 1,2,3,4.... and 1,1/2,1/2^2,1/2^3........ a=1,d= 1, r=1/2, Expression to find infinite...
Mohammed Saleem Mohiuddin 20 days ago
We can see that the general term of the expression is i.e. it can be written in the form f(n) – f(n+1) where Hence we have
mycroft holmes 20 days ago
how can we easily integrate trignometric function by parts
You can use the integration by parts for that.Its First Function(Integration of IInd)- [(Integration {differentiation of Ist} {Integration of IInd} ].
Sagar Gupta 9 days ago
some ether is added in an aqueous solution of LiCl, NaCl and AlCl3. which of the following is extracted in ether
@ VANSH mostly aquaous solution of alkali hallides are extracted when ethers are added . so, in this case alcl will be eliminated . the answer turns out to be licl and nacl . but if the...
2017 years ago
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